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Life Blog – The Palliative Consultant

On Wednesday we met with a palliative consultant at St Richard’s Hospice In Worcester. We were referred there by our GP following Beastie’s sudden jaundice. It was very constructive and prepared us for the fact that the jaundice might mean any more chemo is out of the question, and also to give some thought to whether at this stage chemo is the right thing. The side effects are much harder to deal with when you are quite poorly and the intrusion into your life might be a high price to pay for very little or even no actual benefit. We shall find out Friday when we see the oncologist. It was a positive meeting and we both felt benefit from it. However the bottom line is there is now no more track or stations, we just watch the engine slow to a halt. The goal is to maximise the quantity of quality in the time we have. 

Ps. Please enjoy a gratuitous picture of Beasties Bel Canto aftershave so at least he can smell nice even if he is as yellow as a canary.



Life Blog – A Test Of Love

I have had my first cycle of the latest regime of chemotheropathy and I have not had any awful reactions to it.

However, I am getting side effects from the cancer which are not nice. The liver is not dealing with my bile properly so I get yellow eyes and my skin has gone yellow and none of this is nice. I also get never ending hiccups which sounds funny but trust me it is really no joke whatsoever.

The upshot is I will be off work until at least the new year and to be frank Ithink that is the right decision though I’ve always felt work was a great positive in live. A framework of normality.

This all makes me irritable and tetchy. Chtissie can’t seem to do a thing right in my eyes! In reality of course she could not try harder to smooth my path. This is the frontier we must fight hardest on. It is where we are strongest. Win this frontier and though the Big C might separate us bodily it will not break our spirit. Chrissie will go on and live a great life invigorated by knowing how much she has been loved. 

I’ll end the sentimentality there, but walk along with us on our trip as we carry on smiling and discovering each other.


Life Blog – Another Consultation

After the disappointing news on Tuesday regarding the trial, Peanut put the wheels in motion for me to have a consultation in Worcester. She soon had it organised for  Thursday morning.

With Peanut having a week’s work this week it was decided she would not miss work and so Ivasked my friend Andy to come with me. The appointment was 11.20 but we waited an hour for it. The Doctor was as disappointed as I was but nonetheless less put on a positive face and advised that we return to oxalyplatin, a chemo treatment I had had two years ago. It’s affects had begun to diminish but hopefully after a break it will work again.

Out of the consultation and I had another long queue to give bloods. Then it was back to Andy’s for a much overdue sandwich at 3. 

I went home for a quick sleep before P came home and I updated her on how I’d got in. So far so good and at least there is a plan in place once more.


Life Blog – Disappearing Rail Tracks And No Stops on the Track

Chris left for work but I felt a bit rough. Later I rallied and went to work. On the way I got the need to go to the toilet badly. I made it to work and headed straight for the loo. It was awful diahorea but afterwards I felt a bit more comfortable. His work mates were pleased to see him and Michelle made him what turned out to be a very nice cup of tea.

My mobile rang and it was Heartlands Hospital. They were ringing about my blood results from yesterday. Unfortunately one of the blood tests on the liver failed and as a result they are not able to offer me the trial.

That’s it, there is no treatment left for me. I rang Chris and left her a message. Then in a state of shock I drove home to curl up in a ball. Chris phoned me. She was sad. I was sad. It all just felt sad. She said she would get in touch with our consultant at Worcester.

I phoned my Mum. She did not know what to say. She then phoned me back about 4 times regarding problems she has with one of her bank accounts. Leave me alone I couldn’t cope with it. It suddenly got really on top of me and I felt like the loneliest person in the world.

Then Chris rang. She had got me an appointment to see the consultant at Worcester. A foot soldier always. It won’t change anything but it has to be done.

If you read my blog then it was always leading to this point but we go everywhere with a smile let’s not forget that.


Life Blog -Consultation at Heartlands Hospital Birmingham

Here is a photo of Bertie enjoying Planet Earth 2, put up for no other reason than he is irristible.

Another day another consultation but with each day and each consultation the stakes get higher, more and more rides on the outcome.

This latest consultation was at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham and it was to assess whether or not I am a suitable “candidate” for the trial. We left for the appointment in good time. We gave ourselves an embarrassingly large margin of safety in time terms for this meeting. We arrived 15 minutes late. I was stressed. My tummy ached.

They had a television on in the waiting room. “Homes under The Hammer” was on. It was normality and it really calmed me down. I was quickly called to be weighed. It’s not good. I’m not a feather weight but I have lost a lot of weight. We were called in.

The lady introduced herself and a colleague who was sitting in on the consultation as a student. A lot of questions were asked. She soon decided that she thought I was very suitable for the trial and she outlined the treatment. 

Three treatments are on offer, the one being trialled being given to 50% of people the other two to the other half. It is a randomized trial. A lot of testing will be done prior to starting the treatment. CT scan, ECG, bloods and lots more. Many trips to Heartlands will be involved so we will have to fine tune this journey. I go back on Monday for some tests and to return my signed consent which they insisted I think on, rather than just sign straight away. 

The wait for this consultation was emotionally draining but now once more I am working within a plan and this has really lifted me up. 

Already I am noticing the important things in life. Mrs P has had another haircut from her stylist Mark. He is a God amongst hair stylists. Chrissie looks simply fabulous – ten years younger than her age – match this to her simple desire to please and I’m back counting my blessings. I’m not some poor unfortunate guy with the Big C, no I am Ady or Beastie, Mr Beastie, Beastmaster or Worth and I am a lucky, lucky man with a caring loving wife, who quite simply would do what it takes to keep me riding by her side in our chariot!


Life Blog – Lonsurf And My Latest CT Scan

Sunday saw me out playing with Lady P and a load of my MINI mates both old and new. It was a great day out, the sun shone all day, there were some fantastic cars to admire and I even found time to dream about getting a MINI Clubman JCW!

Zip forward to today (Wednesday) and a reality check was due. Today I went for my CT scan results at lunch time. I was worried about them. I was worried so much that I couldn’t go to work in the morning. Anyway a little before 2 we went in to see the consultant. Beastie and Peanut a pair of naughty children up before the headmaster…

Except that this was more serious and sure enough it was. In a nutshell the Lonsurf chemotherapy is not working. All the tumours have grown, so I will not be having anymore of that.

On top of that, the scan revealed a blood clot in my tummy, so now I will have to have an injection in my tummy every morning to thin my blood. It’s not the end of the world but Peanut had a 5 out of 7 hit rate last time she gave me tummy injections! That is 5 were painless and 2 hurt like… well they hurt a lot!

I do like my consultant he is very good at delivering bad news and he really keeps trying on my behalf. So what’s next?

Well he is trying to get me on a trial course at Heartlands in Birmingham. A type of chemotherapy. If that doesn’t work or it takes a while he will put me back on Oxalyplatin, which I had two years ago. It might help for a while.

Not good by any means and certainly another stop further along the railway line but on the plus side, he actually said I will have the blood clot injections for at least six months and when I challenged him on this he gave it considered thought and concluded that I will still be here in six months!

I’ll take that I thought. Six months with Lady P is a lot of fun! Ok I know there will be some tears and sadness but you can do a lot of playing in six months and that is what we will try and do!

If you read my blog and it doesn’t send you to sleep how about you doing a lot of playing with your partner, lover or mates. There is a lot of sadness that comes to us all so best if we all work hard at the fun bits.

Our fun tonight will be snuggling up together to watch Castle on TV then going to bed for another session of reading from the Jack Reacher novel, The Hard Way. I’ll go to work tomorrow, ordinary Ade, the middle aged duffer. But that’s my disguise! Biggles, Reacher, Bond and Elvis are all tucked away inside, buried deep where you can’t see them!

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Life Blog – Just Living

What a difference a project makes. It gives me a sense of purpose and direction. I can see things develop and take shape. Now this week I had an upset tummy on Thursday and Friday so on the practical side I was not much help. But I look and check.

If you look at the door handle above there is a horrible gap in the white wood adjacent to it. Look further and the wood used here for the door stop is not even the same as on the top and other side of the door. So now we have redone the door stop.

Much better. With an old house it’s a balancing act. Keep enough of the old to keep its character but know when to replace. In this case this was clearly a bodged repair from circa 1978, so it needed replacing.

Likewise on the stairs which were installed in the 1970s the woodwork is awful and done as cheaply as possible. A little beading work gives it a lift.

We work well together and make time for fun while doing it.

At times like this I feel very alive, the world is turning and I am in step with it. The Olympics have been very inspiring too and as a Brit especially so. I feel like a man living a life, doing stuff. It’s normal and I like it.