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Life Blog -The End of the Year.


These last few weeks have been hard work. Adrian has been struggling with extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and just generally feeling lousy- too poorly to even concentrate on writing so Peanut has continued being the stalwart right hand man she always is but she too could not summon up much enthusiasm.

So they apologise for not keeping their followers up to date and allowing them to worry. But they were still marching on, trackless towards a very sure and certain destination, but with no timescale.

These days saw a splendid array of friends who have came to visit and cheer Adrian up, which they did immensely. And although it might seem to them that they tired him out, in fact they perked him up and give him some focus for a laugh and a joke. As a result of this they had many gifts of sweets, chocolates and flowers to brighten up the Folly. 

Worth also bought Gates a small toy soldier to keep her safe come the day when he is not around to advise her. He is a brave bold chap and will travel with Peanut wherever she goes, but for now he sat on the mantelpiece infusing himself with essence of Adrian preparing himself for his new role. It is a big role to fill.


They also had the added distraction of the District Nurse coming every day to refill Worth’s syringe driver with his medication, but the end result was more comfort for Adrian so it was all worth while.

So we  get to the end of the year with Adrian in very poor health, struggling to eat, confused to distraction. This time it did not resolve itself. This time the big C meant business and there was nothing left to keep it at bay. The irony was that having won its battle it would then expire itself, for without Worth to host its parasitic greed it would cease to exist. What a vile disease it is. So Peanut could only sit and watch as Adrian slipped away hoping his anxiety and distress could run its course with as little unpleasantness and time as possible. It seemed impossible to think that only two weeks ago they decorated their tree together.

They still had a succession of visitors which was lovely for Peanut. 

The last day of the year; will it end badly or will the next begin badly? All was resolved by ending badly. Poor Adrian died the morning of New Years Eve.

For Peanut the immediate prospect is too awful to contemplate but once the initial tasks are done then she will remember to smile for him. 

Adrian always loved her smile.


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5 thoughts on “Life Blog -The End of the Year.

  1. My dear Peanut and all of Adrian’s friends, you have my deepest sympathy. I am so very sad. Although I never knew Adrian in “real life” we first me back in 2003, I believe on the MINI2 discussion forum…and stayed friends via Flickr, and then by this heartfelt blog.

    I shall be thinking of you all, and of Adrian with all his good humor, insights and honesty. My deepest condolences to you all.

    • BB it would please me if you stayed in touch. I will obviously end the life Blog but hope to continue photobeast in some fashion. Do you follow Worth and Gates? I will try to continue our photography as it is something I always enjoyed with him. Maybe one day I will cross the pond and pop in for a visit. I did promise him I would make the most of life even if he couldn’t be with me.

      • I would be honored to stay in touch. Truth be told, I was never quite sure who or what “Worth and Gates” were/was – I thought they must be “pet names” you and Adrian had for each other. You both have always had such wonderful senses of humor. I’ve just posted over there on the Antics of Worth and Gates blog so I hope I’m now following. If you would like, I’d be more than pleased to correspond via email – if and when you feel like it. I assume you can access mine via Word Press.

        I do hope you’ll continue you on with photography – I find it a thought filled and creative outlet…sometimes it’s pure fun, other times it brings other feelings into the mix. Adrian was a very good photographer. I will keep my eyes peeled on Flickr – and if you’re posting under an different account there, please let me know.

        Wish I could be there to offer you more in the real world. I’ve found great inspiration from Adrian’s blog posts – and have been astonished at how much you two have been in sync with each other. Again, my deepest sympathies and yes, please, let us stay in touch.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I have learned much from Adrian on how to deal with the dreaded C. I cannot imagine what you both have gone through, but the uplifting posts meant so much. Sending much love and big hugs across the pond. XO Lois.

  3. I was so sorry to hear about Adrian, I have followed your blogs for some time on and off, mainly due to our shared interest of Watches… you both provided a interesting and often funny view of life, and made me smile often… I really wish you the best for the future.

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