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Life Blog – Days 379 – 380 Good News Day

Just an ordinary life, going to an ordinary job and hopefully remote from the terrible riotings that we are witnessing in our cities just now.

Today though was a little different. Major Peanut has been at home today because she is on shift tonight, so she e-mailed General Liver’s secretary to ask if there was any news on my recent CT scan as we did not want to be worrying about this for longer than needed. I knew nothing of this, as Peanut didn’t want to worry me with it. However, twenty minutes after sending the e-mail, General Liver’s secretary rang me on my iPhone at work and told me that the scan was clear and that I would get a letter to this effect shortly and that  the General would go through the results with me more thoroughly at my consultation at the end of September. Wow result!

When I got the call I was in a large stock room on my own and I hadn’t quite realised how much I had been keeping a grip on myself but I found myself crying with joy! I pulled myself together and rang Peanut and told her the good news too! then I went into the main office where I work and told  Anne my boss who gave me a big hug as did all the girls who quickly gathered round and I found myself bubbling up again!

This battle made me cry once, right at the start when I first heard the bad news but today was different. Today the tears were of joy and boy they are even better than Cantona’s winner against Liverpool in the FA Cup final!

The war isn’t done yet, these scans will be a regular part of my life now but this first one after the operation was a biggie and it means a lot that it was clear!

Anyway have a great day and if it isn’t the best day, well have a smile for me and make it cheer you up  because I am one happy bunny! :)

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Life Blog – Days 371 – 378 The Bowel Consultation

This week has been a very hard week at work, relieved only by a hospital appointment on Tuesday morning when I went back to Worcester Royal Hospital to see General Bowel for a consultation, which was arranged almost a year ago. For me the biggest significance is that at the time it was made, I remember thinking something along the lines of, “Oh well that’s good he clearly thinks I will still be alive in a year then.” Well blimey how quickly that year has gone by!

The consultation  was a formality in truth as I had just had a CT scan done, so the consultant arranged to be given a copy of the results when they come through and he arranged to see me in another six months. The only other thing of significance to the appointment was that it is the first one I have been to without Major Peanut since all this malarkey kicked off.  Major Peanut woke feeling extremely dizzy and had to have a Doctor out to see her. She is much better now but had to have a few days off work as she felt lousy and I am sure all her fretting and worrying over me has been catching up with her of late. I hope therefore, that nothing comes along to stop us holidaying at the end of the month, as Lady P for one most definitely deserves it!

I said in my last blog how waiting for the results is a worry and it really is. It lingers hanging over every hope and plan. Still at least we have hopes and plans to get on with and certainly being so busy at work certainly reeks of a very normal life!

Talking of living a normal life and doing normal things, yesterday we had a fun day out visiting Goodrich Castle  close to the banks of the River Wye, with our pals StarGirl and Dealmaker. The castle is owned by English Heritage, so it comes with a decent cafe and gift shop and a super little audio guide which is included in the entry fee. I really like the audio guide as without it, I could be in, round the castle and out again in about five minutes!  However, with it I come away actually knowing a bit of the history of the castle. Anyway you can check out the web site here if you fancy a trip there yourself. If you click on the photos in this blog, you can see a little slideshow of some of our photos from the day. Sad to think that it has been a ruin since 1646!

 Apart from Goodrich life is pretty quiet and ordinary here … er just how we like it. Take care and say hello soon!