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Life Blog – The Wedding Of Aston And Debbie


On the 12th July 2014 I had the honour of being the best man at the wedding of Aston and Debbie who are friends we have made through our long standing love and passion for MINI cars. I first met Aston well over ten years ago through the NewMINISeverns club based loosely around the Bristol area. We have been great pals from the outset and Aston duly came to our wedding back in 2006. Aston had always liked the way me and Mrs P got on like a house on fire and the way we shared our interests and passions and now with Debbie he really has found his own soul mate. For this reason particularly it meant a lot to me being his best man and I felt privileged to be there at the start of something very special. Anyway, it was a lovely day, the sun shone and a lovely couple began their new lives as man and wife. Here are the iPhone pictures we took on this special day.

First we have the Groom his handsome son Jenson and me the bestie! Below, Aston’s convertible, our PaceBeast, Aston and I think he is holding a piece of graffiti he found on the floor!

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