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Life Blog – Beastie Digs In


Good morning. Yesterday I found out that I had a second liver resection to look forward to in my war against the Big C and I got heaps of support and love from my friends and family, as the news got out. So today I just wanted to have a little verbal ramble and thank you all for your support.

Step one today was to put on some armour. The picture above was taken by Major Peanut this morning and shows me wearing my favourite jacket ever. It is an old MINI jacket which I bought at the same time as I first saw the preview for the new Italian Job film. The MINI staff hosting the cinema preview were wearing these  and I loved them, so me and Peanut got matching ones and we still wear them today. Anyone who has ever been on a MINI adventure and seen me there will probably have seen me wearing this jacket. Does anyone else remember seeing the Italian Job at the pictures courtesy of MINI a week before general release? It was a great day and I remember them giving us a cd of the movie soundtrack. As soon as we got out of the cinema the CD went on in CooperBeast and we raced off on a high after the movie and with the soundtrack blasting and we shot through the first speed camera we encountered to get the only 3 points I have had on my licence in the last 20 years! Happy days. So my MINI jacket is my armour!

I have always considered this fight to be a battle, a war, a campaign, with my consultants as my Generals and Major Peanut heading the campaign. Many have said that Lady P is more than a Major, more than a General and they are right but she is a hands on kind of a girl. Peanut is the first one to open the bonnet and climb under the engine when a problem occurs, she is hands on and in the thick of things just like my book hero Biggles. In fact it was with Biggles in my mind that I titled my last few blogs. Biggles Goes to War, Biggles Flies North, Biggles Defies The Swastika are typical Biggles book titles so It amuses my daft little mind to say Beastie Digs In! So rightly I think Major Peanut has refused promotion to stay in the thick of things. It has been great to see so many of you joining up and volunteering to be part of this army, the strength in the ranks gives me great comfort.


General Liver yesterday was amazing though. Very upbeat and very reassuring. I showed him my tummy as the scar from my last operation had healed a treat. Professional jealousy crept in immediately and he looked up who had done the op. ” Ah yes originally only two of us did a cut like that but now even Mr B is using that cut – very nice.” He is going to cut in the same place so at least I wont have train lines on my tum and he even thought putting a zip in might be a good idea this time!


We had a fair old wait yesterday before seeing the consultant and knowing it was not great news we got very keyed up. Let us not pull any punches I could have been given a death sentence yesterday so to be told I was having a liver resection ended up sounding like a bit of a win. The result is that me and Major P, seem almost relieved now as we know exactly what we are facing. Peanut is a lot happier and it shows in her face too, as she has woke up this morning and gone into super pretty mode – so don’t for a minute think that there aren’t any perks to my predicament! :)


A couple of my pals made comments about why do bad things always happen to the good guys and I thank you muchly for such kind words. I had the same thoughts when my Dad died of this very same thing 25 years ago and if you are not careful such thoughts can consume you with bitterness. However, two things occur to me here. First it isn’t always the good guys, it happens to the bad guys too but as no-one gives a hoot about them we just don’t hear. Secondly, it is a balance. My dad had a short life just 56 when he died but he had a life that would have been the envy of many. He had the love of My Mum who he married when he was 23 and he had a really happy life, many people live a whole life and never find such love and happiness. Don’t get me wrong my life isn’t over by a long way but in truth if I went tomorrow then save your sorrow for Major Peanut because without wanting to sound smug, I have a great life and it has all been good and it is not a life of regrets! Hmmm I hope I am not sounding despondent here cos really I’m not, no I’d rather sound irritatingly smug – yep that’s me, now go figure how the heck can anyone be irritatingly smug when they have to have a liver resection on March 19th? Well that is the Beastie you all know and love so much! :)

I guess I’ll be on here a lot more in the comings weeks as we  build up to the op and afterwards as I have time on my hands while recovering. It seems to help having a natter and getting it all out there so to speak, so if you have a spare few minutes drop by and have a peek!

I have to go Major Peanut has gone all bossy so I have to clean the oven and change the bed!:(

See ya x :)



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Life Blog – Beastie Goes To War

Well things have changed a bit since my last blog, where I was due a CT scan and would find the results out on the 21/02. I have had my scan as planned on the 6th February and  on the 10th February my liver Guru rang and brought my liver consultation forward to today. Well you don’t need tio be a genius to work out that that was somewhat ominous, so we spent a week worrying about the consultation today.

Well it is bad news and good news. The bad news is that the Big C has come back again in my liver. The good news is that it is contained and operable so they are going to do my liver resection operation once more! The operation is scheduled for the 19th March. Let us concentrate on the good news bit some more… I am still fixable and the plan is to do just that get me fixed.

These consultants are not ones for giving you false hope but he was genuinely optimistic and upbeat as it looks like one small seed that has sparked off and it has not gone on a rampage in there.

So there you go, Beastie Goes Back to War but with the Generals I have on the front and Major Peanut overseeing the whole show it is a war that I feel well armed to fight!

Love and kisses

Beastie xx