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Life Blog – Days 210 – 212 Wow What a Gift

Saturday  19/02/2011. I think the steroids seem to impact more than the chemo in the first few days. I have to take some steroids for 3 days afterwards and one effect is that they stop me sleeping. This means I am wide awake at 4 in the morning but then zonked by the evening.

Anyway first job on Saturday was a flush for the Hickman line and have the chemo disconnected for the final time! This was done about twelve and then we came home to tidy the house a bit as  Amelia and Carl had decided to visit us. I was well chuffed that they were comng but at the same time, I realised I was very very tired this time round.

Amelia came bearing gifts so after I had watched the drivel that was mancgester United scraping victory over Crawley Town she presented me with an early birthday present. It was a canvas she had made herself consisting of a clock surrounded by old watch parts meticulously glued to the canvas. I was specchless it is quite simply a magnificent present which must have taken an absolute age to make and I was very humbled by this wonderful early birthday present.

Picture of The Week 7 - Time Pieces

The evening was fun as we all decided that we would definitely go to Spa in Belgium to watch the F1 at the end of August. Campsites were found and a plan was hatched, now all we need is a bit of cash to book it. The deal though is done and that is where we are headed. Carl and Amelia will just do Spa but we will carry on and make a longer holiday of it in France. The prospect of Spa and a European tour in the soft top Opel GT is a treat that will keep me going in the dark moments when I worry about the liver operation I am facing.


Sunday 20/02/2011. We had hoped to do a MINI Run with NewMINISeverns visiting the Cheddar Gorge and the pier at Weston-Super-Mare but it was just too soon after my final chemo and I did not have the energy to sit in the car all that time. A shame as I think we missed a great breakfast and a great run.

Instead I spent the day slowly getting more and more tired though we did have the company of Carl and Amelia for much of the day, before they took their leave mid afternoon. Meanwhile I followed the Twitter tweats about the Cheddar Cheesy Run, pleased that it was a good one but frustrated that I wasn’t up to doing it!

Monday 21/02/2011. Work. Well work went ok and I got through a fair bit but by 4 o’clock the legs had turned to jelly and I was just whacked, so an early bath for me followed by a few hours lying on the sofa! Another episode of the drivel that is Outcasts beckoned. You know how it is, once you start with these things you have to see them through but to be honest it is not brilliant and already the BBC have moved it to Sunday at 10.25! Falling asleep while it was on, I am sure I didn’t miss much!

As the night wore on I did get very tired but my thinking head came on and I started to wonder about Facebook and Twitter. They are fascinating elements of this ‘ere social media thingy and I do enjoy them a lot. Before they existed it was forums and well yes the forums are still there but in truth Facebook is the world. People barely step outside of it, if you want to share something with the world it has to go on Twitter or Facebook and inevitably any feedback is made on Facebook or Twitter, never at source.  It seems to me that we lose as much as we gain from these monsters of the social world.

However, worse than this; why do very articulate and expressive people whom I follow seem to resort to swearing, fffing and blinding or worse, publicly (for want of a better way of putting it), “slagging off” their wives, husbands or loved ones? Some of the things they say, I would not ever, ever want to say to another human being even in the privacy of my own home and to do so on the likes of Twitter or Facebook…  Quite simply if I did that my wife would not be my wife. Similarly, why the need to “f and blind” at all, why not make the point with dignity? Perhaps I am so very, very old fashioned but it seems to me that an articulate and swear free point of view gets my attention and has far more impact than what I can only call the “Drama Queen” approach. Don’t get me wrong, I hail from the University of Double Standards and have a healthy amount of swear words in my vocabulary, but it is not nice seeing them written down!

Anyway the purpose of my rant, if there neeed be one, is to replace these words for a while with some fantastic old words that we never use, so let’s hear a rant that begins, “Golly, you’ll never guess…” and let’s have a few “boundahs”, a few gratuitous uses of the word “bally” and any other glorious word that you might encounter in the pages of a Biggles book or a Poirot movie!

Rant over so a trip down Memory Lane, to the days before Facebook taught us all to swear on line, to a time when  going on a MINI Run was fun and exciting, an adventure, a Heartbeat episode almost, or a Famous Five Enid Blyton adventure. I am thinking back to our first ever MINI Run which for us was The Peaks Run in 2003, where we met for the first time the likes of Poppet and Dora, Mini Cruiser and other famous faces from the MINI community… and God it was all so very very exciting!

Have fun goodnight and PS I do not want a single comment about ranting about swearing and then taking the Lord’s name in vain. thank you! :)


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Life Blog – Days 205 – 209 The Final Chemo Session

Monday 14/02/2011. Valentine’s Day. In truth it was our quietest Valentine’s Day on record and it seems to me that it was pretty similar for most people. Perhaps it was the combination of falling on a Monday and the economic downturn but most people I talked to didn’t do much. We stayed in had a small glass of wine and a lovely home cooked meal and topped it off watching another episode of the doom and gloom that is called Outcasts! Perfect Valentine’s night TV. So there you are, a day’s work for both of us and a nice meal at home.

Tuesday 15/02/2011. Today I had a pre chemo assessment and after the drawn out affair of the last one we wised up and made a lunch time appointment. This meant I could work a half day and then go off for the assessment. Half twelve the appointment and we got away at three thirty. To be fair it was a longer consultation as they had to put in motion arrangements for my CT scan, my MRI scan and my next consultion with the Chemo Gurru in six weeks time. And we ended the night watching another episode of the doom and gloom that is called Outcasts!

Wednesday 16/02/2011. Another full day at work for both of us and a quiet night in  for the evening was our simple and unreportable but enjoyable Wednesday!

Thursday 17/02/2011. Today was my final Chemo day. We got to the hospital at nine o’clock and after a short wait we took a seat in the chemo lounge. However, when they came to flush the line and draw some blood from the Hickman line none was forthcoming so I had the drama of having to have an x-ray to ensure the Hickman line was still positioned correctly in my chest. This was done very quickly indeed and delayed things only by about an hour. All was well and the chemo went ahead. Phew it would have been a bummer if it hadn’t have worked and I did not get my last chemo. Eventually we got away about half past two and I felt in pretty good shape as this time I am not suffering a cold, or flu or a sore throat. Yay the last one under my belt!

I have an eight week lull now before presumably the next stage which will be the liver operation itself. In that time I will have an MRI scan, a CT scan, a consultation with the chemo gurru (after 6 weeks) and the Hickman line removed, as well as a weekly flush of the line while it is still in place. Rather than waste this 6 weeks we are looking at ways of pouring wine directly into the Hickman line, to get it into my blood quicker than just drinking it. We will let you know if we have any success in that department! A restful evening after the chemo saw me fit and well for work the next day.

Friday 18/02/2011. Work. Wow I think they missed me Thursday as unfortunately another member of our department was off too, so the work was well and truly waiting for me when I got in. Busy then all day long and I went home at the end of a full day pleased with what I had achieved.

This brought us to Friday night my favourite night of the week. The night to talk nonsense, the night to plan and dream. Our friend Ray sowed a seed by saying on Facebook that he was thinking of going to Spa in Belgium to watch the Grand Prix now that MINI had cancelled MINI United 2011 in the South of France, to the disgust of thousands of MINI fans who had been getting excited about it. I really think a few MINI heads should roll over that as it is a massive public shooting of their own foot so to speak. I believe Ray is going to sell his Clubman and buy into another brand he is so disgusted!

Anyway Seed Sown and we will be going to Spa now instead of MINI United! Need to save for the watch for the occasion then, The CWL C70 Ascari, commemorating Ascari’s victory at the first ever Belgian Grand Prix in 1925!



Meanwhile with all this excitement the chemo had kicked in again and after a hard day at work, I was feeling very very tired, so a lazy weekend will beckon.

It is not a time for a trip down Memory Lane as we have been looking ahead to a future beyond the big liver operation, hoping that the liver operation is a hiccup and play can resume afterwards. So quite simply watch this Introduction to the Australian Grand Prix from the BBC and share a dream of ours for later in the year. I think our Opel GT will enjoy this adventure as we will finish it off with a run down to the South of France after Spa! The BBC by the way rightly won an award for this intro!

Good day and happy planning and dreaming!

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Life Blog – Days 201 – 204 Exhaustion and Alfie’s First Night Out

Wednesday 09/02/2011. I awoke tired again but showered with Mrs P to see if that revived me. It didn’t and another day off work beckoned. This exhaustion is not fun. Going to work is important, it means all is well, all is normal and to be so physically shattered that I can’t go to work is phychologically not good. More importantly it meant that it was a day off work that I could not do anything useful with!

Thursday 10/02/2011. Oh dear just a repeat of Wednesday and to be honest this was getting me down. On the bright side it did mean that the newest member of our household Alfie Bertie was getting lots of company and attention. He was definitely beginning to feel at home.

Friday 11/02/2011. Yay I awoke feeling like a new man. No I don’t mean I had turned gay overnight silly, I mean the exhaustion had gone almost as fast as it had appeared.. Work beckoned then and it was so nice the way everyone at work made me feel like they were so glad to see me back. The support from work during this campaign has been immense and quite simply a massive positive influence on the whole campaign we are waging against the Big C. This blog helps too and the feedback I get is another massive positive.

A good day’s work was duly done and it was home for fish and chips and a glass of wine. How odd is this chemo? On Thursday I never had the energy to walk to my local garage for a bag of sugar, on Friday I’m back at work and looking forward to a fish supper and a glass of wine. The other big thing on Friday is that Friday night is philosophy night, the night we save the world for another week.

However, this week the philosophy was interrupted as we had to nip to the Malvern Community Hospital to  have my Hickman line flushed and cleaned. So fingers crossed the world wont fall apart just yet as we failed to sort it all out for you. We will redouble our efforts next Friday and fine tune our  Beastie Society which we believe should replace  Cameron’s ailing Big Society!

Saturday 12/02/2011. Saturday was a real fun day. Our pals Hayley and Mike came round bringing along a rather wicked BMW E60 M5. They were round for the day turning up at eleven and we had a mission. Hayley has glorious red hair and I’d asked if I could take some pictures of her modelling some watches and  naturally we had to review Mike’s M5 as well. We had great fun doing both and this shot will appear in our next edition of our watch magazine BeastWatch!


With the shots of Hayley done lunch beckoned and Lady Peanut excelled herself with some seriously delicious chicken filled enchiladas baked with a topping of spiced tomatoes and cheese, accompanied by  some kettle crisps and garlic bread. It was a delicious lunch and one to be repeated that’s for sure.

After lunch we did the watch shots and then headed off for a blast and photo shoot with the M5. I have to say it is an awesome car and our review of the M5  is well worth a read even if I do say so myself. A stunning car rammed with technology and the bit that I loved was The Heads Up Display ( HUD) which projected your speed, revs and gear onto the windscreen fighter pilot style.  A fantastic and needed bit of kit on such a fast car.

Hmmm I’m poorly right? Well I’m not so sure when I’m having this much fun. It felt like we were back in the “fast lane” after too too long being stuck on the hard shoulder!

Meanwhile, Saturday was a big day for our Alfie Bertie. We allowed him out for the first time and he quickly mastered the cat flap. All went well throughout the day and we were so pleased that we said he could go out for the nightime too. Hmm a mistake perhaps. Like so many teenagers let off the leash and given a bit of freedom he abused it. We are guessing he went out on the razzle drank too much and ended up clubbing it in some low rent pussy parlour somewhere. It looks like he fell off the pavement staggering home in the small hours and twisted his ankle. He dragged himself home and we found him nestled in our landing curtains at about seven thirty in the morning looking very sorry for himself, bedraggled, dehydrated and well a bit hungover.  He never rose from his pit for about six hours when he limped into the bedroom to crash there for the next six hours. He was too shattered to even come and watch Revolver with us in the evening, which was a shame because he could have explained it to us! Peanut shall be speaking to him when he is sober and in a more receptive mood for the telling off he is due!

Sunday 13/02/2011. Sunday was a bit of an anti-climax after the glamour of Saturday. Peanut was in work from 9 till she got home at 8 in the evening and as mentioned Alfie Bertie just spent the day hungover from the night before! So I just spent much of the day playing on the Mac, processsing the pictures from the previous day and writing up the review of Mike’s M5. You can take a peek at some of the pictures here!

A quick meal of pizza, jacket potatoes and coleslaw was the evening menu and we finished the night off as said, watching Guy Ritchie’s Revolver starring Jason Statham. We enjoyed the film a lot even if our simple souls did not really understand it!

Quite a long blog so I will spare you a trip down Memory Lane until our next blog. Good night, take care and learn from Alfie and take it easy next time you are out on the razz! xx

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Life Blog – Days 197 – 198 The Watch Weekend

Saturday 06/02/2011. Peanut was working Saturday morning so my job was house tidying and keeping the peace between Ola and Alfie. I just about manged to perform my duties and then at twelve thirty I met  Peanut at the Malvern Community Hospital while they flushed my Hickman line and disconnected the baby bottle of chemotherapy from my line. I always feel less Borg and more Human once they have done this. Then it was back home for an egg and bacon sandwich before our friends Dealmaker and StarGirl turned up to spend the day with us.

During the week a new watch turned up for me, which I had treated myself to as a reward for enduring the joys of chemotherapy. Without doubt the arrival of Alfie our new cat, completely overshadowed this treat for me and no problems with that, as Alfie is brilliant. His other name by the way, is Bertie, much in the way that sometimes I am Beastie and sometimes Ady, or sometimes  (very, very rarely mind) Peanut is Chrissie; once I heard her called Christine which I believe is also her name but I have only ever heard her Mum use that one. So anyway, yes Alfie Bertie, definitley put my watch purchase well in the shadows.

However, time to now show it off for a minute; it is a stunning Christopher Ward watch called a C70DBR1 and it is limited to just 500 pieces. My mates RVW and Dealmaker already have one and, Dealmaker brought his along when he came round. Pictures were duly done.


Sorry to go on but I am so chuffed with this watch, which to me looks just fantastic and it is a watch commemorating the victory of the Aston Martin DBR1 at Le Mans. My dream now would be to wear this at Le Mans one year. I also like being in a small club of owners having this watch and somehow having a couple of mates have the same watch makes it even more special!

In a vain attempt not to spend the whole time talking watches with Dealmaker and StarGirl, we popped into Malvern a little after they arrived to give them the quick tour of the town and to pick up a few last minute essentials for dinner that evening (er… wine mainly). When we go to the pictures or the theatre in Malvern (the same building) we nearly always park  by the Registry Office where we got married and walk through the Winter Gardens to the Theatre. It really is a beautiful way to walk to the theatre and I think few people enjoy such a beautifuly located cinema.

Day 143/365 Malvern Theatre

We took Dealmaker and StarGirl this way on our quick tour of the town – indeed pretty much the same tour as we gave my cousin Lorraine a few weeks back when she came down for a visit.

Back home and dinner was a pasta / pizza Peanut combo with chips to boot followed by a homemade chocolate pudding brought by Dealmaker and StarGirl. I have to say this was/is a gorgeous chocolate pud and simple gigantic to boot, we have now had some Sat, Sun and Monday night and there are still a few days left in it! Yum yum and I’m a happy chocolate bellied bunny!

By eleven I was simply flaked out and just could not keep my eyes open so bed it was for me. This has been the major symptom of Chemo 5, utter, utter tiredness and a strong loss of taste.

Sunday 06/02/2011. We were up early as Peanut was working the day, so after getting P off to work I was left as host to Dealmaker and StarGIrl. Ermm, no cooked breakfast there then, but I did turn out a mean bit of toast for us all, with a few weetabix thrown in. Then it was time to play taking pictures of our watches which we duly did to death for the rest of the morning. All good fun though and it does keep us boys out of mischief!

In the afternoon. Dealmaker and StarGirl escaped to Ludlow for a wander around, while I chilled and dozed for the rest of the afternoon until Peanut came home at about 8. We had a quiet Sunday evening and an early night to charge up the batteries ready for work Monday.

All in all then a very enjoyable weekend with not too many chemo side effects to deal with – though the hiccups did appear here and there! :)

Time to say tara then and once more let’s have a look down Memory Lane. Spending the weekend with Dealmaker and StarGirl, my mind went back to a French weekender Trip a gang of us did to Fort Sedan. On paper Dealmaker’s MINI One was the slowest car on the trip. In reality it always seemed the fastest – that man can certainly make his MINI shift. We did have some grins on that trip tearing about the French countryside! Anyway here is our little write up and some photos from a great weekend!


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Life Blog – Days 199 – 200 The 200 Day Milestone

Monday 07/02/2011. After a good weekend it was back to work on the day that apparently most people skive off work in the whole year. I was listening to this on the radio, most of the way to work and it did not make going to work any easier I can tell you. :)

The chemo must get to me the most just after the first weekend. Chemo Thursday, disconnection from last bit Saturday lunch time and then real tiredness kicks in Mondayish. Today was no exception and yes I did a good day’s work but I just had to bail out at 4 in the afternoon as I was shattered.

Monday evening saw me dozing after dinner with a quick rally round to watch Outcasts on TV at nine. Sadly, there was nothing uplifting about the drama whatsoever so we wont be pursuing that one!

That then was Monday.

Tuesday 08/02/2011. I woke to go to work, but felt shattered. No energy, no strength and real jelly legs that felt like they would give way on me. I e-mailed my apologies to work and resolved to spend a good half of the day sleeping and that indeed is what I have done.

With the other half my mind pondered on this being the 200th day of My Life Blog. That is 200 days of living with the knowledge that there are mean dark shadows in my liver, lurking and up to no good. Well we have been hitting them hard  for the last ten weeks with some tough Chemotherapy, another two weeks of that and soon it will be time to see how they liked that!

The milestone has set me into philosophical mode though. Not in a morbid way but for me a fascinating way. I have mentioned before that this battle gives me a really interesting take on being judgemental. For example, I will read something on Facebook such as ” Oh Wo I have had the day from Hell, my spots are awful, I feel so deflated” and instantly I will react in my mind. That isn’t a real example, I don’t wish to get personal but you get the idea. My first reaction is “Get a grip, worry when you are in my shoes!” However, I instantly relent, the world does not revolve around me. My little world perhaps, but the bigger world no. So I slacken off and smile at their troubles and while I know they might not be major in the bigger scheme of things they are real to them, so they have every right to be troubled by them.

Recently on a forum I use, a young man got very touchly as he sensed a personal attack had been launched on him about his young thrusting ambition and the products he aspired to. No attack had been made, it was purely the insecurity of youth and again my first reaction was to dismiss him as a very silly and immature young man. However, I then thought about how seriously I took myself at 25 and forgave him instantly! It has taken me a long time to learn to laugh at myself and in truth in my case it probably needed the help of the two wives I have had to get me there! Without such help people can be middle aged and still not be able to laugh at themselves and again the last two hundred days have meant that I don’t make a judgement there either.

I am still a long way from being a tolerant kind of a guy, patience for one thing is certainly not innate in my make up but without doubt I am now more tolerant than ever in my life. I think in essence, what I am learning is that just because I am fighting a big thing it does not mean the little things do not matter any more. They do matter, they matter to me and they matter to others and people rightly should be allowed to be hung up on the little things as they travel through life. Manchester United losing to Wolves was no little matter in my mind trust me!

Perhaps that is at the root of this meander into “Does fighting cancer trivialise everything else?” Man United threw away three points and it bothers me!

In conclusion, clearly fighting cancer does not trivialise everyhting else, the small things still matter, so time now for me to find a few small things to bother about! Now where is my dinner? :)


PS. No trip down Memory Lane just for tonight, I’m a bit hung up on where my dinner is!


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Life Blog – Days 192- 196 the Arrival of Alfie and Chemo 5

Monday 31/01/2011. A back to reality day as the fun of the weekend came to an end and it was back to to grind of work and that was Monday for you.

Tuesday 01/02/2011. Today was pre chemo assessment day which  went on a bit as my blood pressure was off so the whole thing dragged on a lot longer than usual. All was well in the end though but I missed the whole day off work, which was frustrating as I felt absolutely fine.

Wednesday 02/02/2011. A full work day again and then in the evening we went to the pictures to see The King’s Speech. This was a good move as I was preoccupied, nit with the Chemo the next day but with the knowledge that once the chemo was done we were off to collect our new pussy cat Alfie from the Worcester Animal Rescue Centre! Anyway, suffice to say that we agreed with just about the rest of the film and really enjoyed The King’s Speech and like so may films these days it brought a tear to my eye – I blame the chemo and all these colds I get making me a big softie. I have to say though that the previous film we saw was The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and while this was slaughtered by the critics we enjoyed it immensely as a light hearted movie and Philistines that we are we liked it just as much as The King’s Speech. Guess we are not destined to be film crtics then!

Thursday 03/02/2011. A big day – Chemo 5 and the arrival of Alfie!. We were at the hospital prompt at 9 and were shown straight into the communal chemo room. However things were slow to start as they were a bit short staffed on the ward  and I suspect at pharmacy too as the chemo took a while to arrive. The upshot was we did not get away until about 2 pm. I turned a bit green and then got some colour back, but the weather was milder so I didn’t get too many other symptoms. However, this tricked me into walking back to the car instead of waiting for Peanut to bring it round to the front of the hospital and in truth this did wipe me out a fair bit.

Still next stop collecting Alfie so no time to feel sorry for myself, this was too exciting. We got there aboout 20 to 3 and rushed through the paperwork so we could get on our way with him. He looked very handsome indeed, jet black with a white bib on his chest and a lovely shiny coat and gorgeous green eyes. We stopped briefly along the way to pick up a litter tray and some cat litter as we need to keep him in for a week or so while he gets used to his new home and his new friend Ola!


Well we got him home and then the fun began as he met Ola. they are evenly matched so spent a lot of time skirting around each other with their bellies close to the floor. Ola growled and he just hissed at no-one in particular. Not the best start but in time they will get used to each other I’m sure. Peanut left for work just after 4 so it was me, Alfie and Ola for the night! Well that kept me entertained I can tell you  and come bed time poor Ola was locked in the living room and kitchen so she could go out and in as she pleased and Alfie was left with the rest of the house to explore. There would be no fights in the middle of the night that’s for sure!

Friday 04/02/2011. Peanut had worked through the nigt so she was home all day to take care of the cats while I did a day’s work, still strapped to my chemo bottle. I must say I was doing ok and not sufferring too many chemo symptoms at all, helped by the milder weather which lessened the effects of the tingly toes and fingers. Also my infernal streamimg nose had finally abated. Bottom line though I couldn’t wait to come home to see how Alfie and Ola had got on.

He had been in the home for a few months so he is fairly timid and the two of them are still wary of each other but still no fights and slowly, slowly they are getting used to each other and Alfie is slowly getting more confident in his new surroundings.

Friday night then my favourite night and time for more nonsense chat around the dinner table. The emancipation of women through sky diving, is a working topic that directed our fun philosophical debate! Balnce in marriage is where it took us and all good fun it was – yep once ongain we successfully sorted the world out for another week so you can all relax till next Friday at least!

So that’s it Chemo 5 done, just a few hiccups kicking in form the steroids but otherwise quite an easy ride and just one more session to go on February 17th. Yep will be good to get the chemotherapy behind me, but then the attention will focus on the still to be done liver operation. Oooh er I’m afraid that will be a scary bit and will require me to be a brave Beastie!

Time to end now, and my Trip Down Memory Lane today is prompted by news this week that old MINI friends of ours, Stuart and Jane had their second baby this week Samuel! Huge congratulations both! This made me think  back to their wedding which we attended right at the start of a holiday we took in 2006 which took us once more to the South of France. I hope we can grab a week there post chemo before the Liver Op goes ahead but we shall see. Anyway, if nothing else Page 6 and 7 of this holiday diary are faintlly amusing!

Bye for now x

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Life Blog – Days 188 – 191 A Fun Weekend with RVW and Storm

First, apologies for taking such a long time to blog but in truth we have been having a bit of fun just lately so the time to share is well over due.

Thursday 27/01/2011. The day after the funeral of Andy Venn, back to normality with a simple day back at work but with our minds very much full of thoughts from the previous moving day.

Friday 28/01/2011. The start of the weekend and to break the spell left from Andy Venn’s funeral RVW and Storm were over for the weekend. We had only seen them two days ago at Andy’s Funeral but now we had a weekend to fill with fun and boy this one was a cracker.

I have alluded to this often in the past, but Friday nights are my fave night of the week – school… er work is done with and the weekend beckons. Friday night is all about talking stuff and nonsense around the dinner table and although I say so myself I can talk stuff and nonsense with the best of them. However, a hair’s width behind me in this department is my good pal RVW, so a dinner with us pair at the table guaranteed nonsense as we spent the evening sorting the world out. On the brighter side Peanut made a simple home made cottage pie with baked beans which was delicious, but simple enough not to dominate the stuff and nonsense conversation. All in all then a great Friday night to start the weekend.

Saturday 29/01/2011. Saturday was quite a lazy day yet crammed with a lot of fun and agood  job got done that was  long overdue. First Lady Peanut dished up a full English fry up for the four of us and that is always a top way to start a Saturday. Then for the serious bit. Most of you will know we lost our beloved Murray cat before Christmas. After much pain and laboured breathing he took himself off to one of his favourite hidey holes to die heroically and in peace. We wanted to bury him in one of his beloved tanning spots but in truth the ground was frozen solid and halfway through this Chemo I did not have the strength to dig it. Yep you guessed it, poor Murray has been in the freezer waiting for the right time to be put to rest in the only right place for him. Even I think this is all a bit Pythonesque but there you go this is how it was. RVW was the good mate who dug his grave and hepled me to put him to rest peacefully. He was laid to rest looking out over his patch, guarding it in the way he always did.

Leak and potato soup as a light lunch and then off to see an unwanted cat at Worcester Animal Rescue which is betwen Worcester and Malvern. Now it might seem odd burying Murray and then rushing off to see another cat, but remember Murray has been gone since before Christmas and in the time that has passed, the house has been empty without him and although we have the gorgeous Ola, Murray is a hard act to follow and Ola seemed lost without a play mate. So the timing might seem odd but whatever, we were excited to go and see him. Here is the picture that was on  the WARC website that caught our eye.


To be honest the minute you decide to go and see a cat it’s a done deal, how can you go there look at him and then say,” nah he’s all right but we’ll leave it.” You can’t and nor could we, we looked, we loved, we were conquered and we reserved him. He was irrestible and I was so excited. However, we could not take him straighatway, we had to get a letter from the Vet’s to confirm we were suitable parents, and had to visit him again to bond with him. Fair enough a responsible WARC ensuring it found responsible homes for their cats.

After that it was home to see Man United victorious in the FA Cup on tele and then for the evening we went to the Italian Restaurant in Malvern – Ask. Malvern is getting very lively in the evenings these days I have to say. Ask was buzzing with people, the atmosphere was great and the food fine and dandy. None of us had starters, Storm had a salmon dish, RVW had a Chicken Risotto which looked lovely and will probably be what I order if I visit again. Peanut and myself had a Pizza Tropicale and Spaghetti Carbonara which we shared between us. It was very very nice. For dessert Storm had a very appealing Banoffee Pie, RVW had ice cream and I had a Honeycombed chocolate cheesecake which Peanut sampled. All delicious and a great way to end a fun day.

Sunday 30/01/2011. First today was my Mum’s birthday so happy Birthday Mum we were thinking of you!

We had asked RVW and Storm down so that they could join in with a MINISeverns pub meet which was today. We are in a few MINI clubs but we have been Severns members for a long long time and had a lot of fun through this club and today was another fun day. Basically we went to The Boat House Inn close to Bath and a huge turn out guaranteed a fun day as we met up with old friends and new. It was about an hour and a half drive away from our house and we left about eleven in the morning. However before that two more of our MINI friends Dealmaker and StarGirl came round. Dealmaker was armed with jump leads, as I had flattened the battery on the Opel leaving the interior light on. Thankfully they did the trick and we ran it to the petrol staion to charge it up and while there I exchanged an arm and three toes for some fuel!

The meal was a reasonanbly priced carvery at about £9.00 a head and no complaints about the food. I think they botched our booking a bit as some people stole one of our reserved tables and in truth I have a passionate dislike of carveries as I find them all a bit school dinnerish and anti social. People are always getting their food at different times, jumping up for seconds, piling their plates up too high, mixing beef with pork and so on and yes I am as guilty of this as anyone so I always feel too full. It doesn’t hep that the steroids I take to stop me feeling sick, mean I also eat like a horse, so an overly full plate of beef and pork was no problem for me to demolish. Before long it was about 4 and time to head back. A cuppa for RVW and Storm and then they had the long drive back to Lincolnshire – I didn’t envy them that but I like to think we gave them a fun weekend.

Time to end this blog for now, but not before we bring back a trip down Memory Lane. Having RVW and Storm here for the weekend reminded me of a super camping trip to Paris which RVW and Storm organised under the MINIseverns Banner. Called Cheap as Chips it was a bargain camping weekend  in Paris in late 2009 and indeed the weekend that Pixie and Scream51 got engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Goodnight x