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Life Blog – All Clear on Second CT Scan

Last Wednesday I had my second CT scan after my Liver resection back in March of last year. Today I got the fantastic news that it was clear!  This obviously is brilliant news especially after having had the operation twice as first time round it reappeared after 9 months.

Of course there is never a quick fix fighting the Big C so I will have another few years of regular scans but we will cross that bridge when it comes and right now we have six months of fun, excitement, adventure and dreaming to enjoy!

Back in 2010 when I was first diagnosed with the Big C we were doing a photography project where we took a picture every day. At the end of August I was recovering from my bowel section and went for a somewhat stiff walk around the Lake at Golden Valley and took the photograph you see above.  It was a poignant moment and frankly we wondered if we would be allowed the fortune to grow old together like the couple in the photograph.  Were not there yet but today was a step in the right direction! below is what I wrote to accompany the photograph when I took it.

30/08/2010. This afternoon we went for a walk around the lake at Golden Valley at Castle Morton. The sun shone and Peanut went blackberry picking and I realised we did the exact same thing on Bank Holiday Monday in August 2007. The very first picture I took, almost as soon as I got out of the car was this one and for me it was the best from the day. Probably it has a lot to do with my recent health worries but I was struck by the poignancy of this shot and my first thought was I hope that one day that is me and Peanut, old, happy, together and in love. We’ll do our best anyway.

Hope your day was as good as this.

Groovy word of the day: contentment.


So today two and  a half years after the photograph above, I say to you, “hope your day was as good as this”  and today as then the groovy word for the day is contentment!