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Life Blog – Another Good CT Scan


Yesterday, we got the result of my latest CT scan, wow these three month scans come around fast. I was very nervous waiting to go in for my consultation, almost sick with nerves really but as soon as we got in, straight away he said, ” Well I have good news on your scan” and I immediately perked up.

Basically everything has shrunk so much that it can barely be seen on the scan and the consultant was very pleased with the result. Nothing changes on the overall prognosis though, this will beat me one day but not just yet. One day it will become resistant to the treatment but that day is not today so we just crack on with our lives.

The next scan will be well after Christmas, so we have a licence to enjoy Christmas and the months before it. My feet and hands are sore so he suggested having 3 weeks on the chemo tablets and a week off as a regime moving forward so that will help.

Anyway we are not letting the grass grow under our feet so we have a long weekend in Bruges booked at the end of November, so that we can see the Christmas market there and we will busy ourselves with one or two other adventures before the next scan.

Anyway take care and grab each day by the scruff and make it fun.