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Life Blog – Post Radioactive Bead Treatment

I had the radioactive bead treatment 4 weeks ago and all went well. However, a month on and the radioactive beads are starting to do their stuff. This has resulted in a very sore tummy and some sharp twinges in my liver. Painful backache chucked into the equation results in some real bad pain.

We have been back to Oxford for a consultation which went well and next Friday sees us there again for some more scans.

On Wednesday just gone I went for my chemotherapy and it turns out that my platelets were a paltry score of 61 on the doors. This was too low for me to have my chemo, so this was put back to next Wednesday. I then had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work as the pain was just too much.

I’m not going to lie I have felt quite sorry for myself and mentally it has given me a lot to deal with. Today we went shopping in Cheltenam and indeed had a very successful shopping trip with Peanut getting a skirt, a coat and a hat and enough makeup to cover the Forth Bridge twice over. I was not left out bagging a new top and some trousers. I got about an hours grace from pain but struggled a lot around Cheltenham with aches in my tummy, back and liver.

Seeing Peanut in her hat helped a lot in putting a smile on my face. I was done for though by the time I got to our car. 

As it stands now I’m hoping to return to work on Monday but in all honesty this pain will have to ease up. Yes I went round Cheltenham today but it was a battle and we had to cut it short as I just couldn’t face popping into Dunelm to look at bedding and as for road testing the mattresses – forget it – I’m a long way from being up for that.

Ending on a plus… For all these woes, I remain the luckiest man I know. I’m loved and cared for by the inimitable Mrs P. X