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Life Blog – The CT Scan Looms

In recent times I have pondered much on looking for the positive in life and in truth you can turn most things into a positive if you try hard enough. Take my situation where I have been battling the Big C, yes it’s not fun but for instance now when the postman drops our letters on the mat am I worrying about what bill has turned up now? No, I don’t care, it isn’t worth the myther of  even a small worry because now I have far more fun wondering which hospital appointment will turn up next!

Well today we got some bumph from the World Wild Life Fund because (if I have this right) Peanut is currently saving some rather cute polar bear in some remote part of the world only ever reached by Biggles. We also got Hotel Chocolat’s “Let’s fall in LOVE…” brochure with their Valentine and Easter collections inside. This looks promising. Now when I were a lad back in the day when putting a man on the moon was still a dream, Easter eggs had the chocolates inside them. Where they should be! But now? Oh no, now they are sanitised in some sealed pack next to an empty egg and are so boring that kids are going to want a Playstation for Easter instead of a good old Easter Egg. However, page 40 of their brochure suggests that the choccies are back where they belong – inside the Egg! Well done hotel Chocolat!

Only one envelope left and no bills so far. Well guess what still no bills! Three letters and not a single bill! Mind you the third letter  was my next CT scan appointment – 6th February! So there you have it a very definite positive – even when I don’t even worry about bills in the post, none came anyway!

On the 21/2 I have a Council of War with my Bowel General, so I guess that is the big day as then I will know if a new war front will be opening in the fight against the Big C or if we will carry on for a while longer with this Phoney War!

That’s all for now! Take care and snog the one you love! :)