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Life Blog – Mother’s Day and The Next Chapter

Last week we found out that my last scan wasn’t good and I blogged about it that afternoon while waiting for a second appointment to confirm what the new treatment would be.

Well I went in that afternoon with Peanut to find out. First, I get a four week break to let my body recover from the chemo I have been on. That’s the good news. In that time I will have a PIC line fitted in my arm so that I can have chemo once a fortnight through the line, this time trying a different mix of drugs and supplemented by something similar to Avastin.  This time it is very likely that I will lose my hair as well. All in all then the treatment will be more intrusive on my life than it has been. Clearly, I am a station further along the track than I was.

However, we are still firing at the enemy, just shooting with a different gun! Plus, I’ve always wanted a Panama hat and now I think I have a good excuse to get one! In fact, I think a few hats might come my way.

Anyway life at Beastie Folly still rolls on. The decorating of the Beastie Boudoir continues at pace so expect photos in due course, and today we went for afternoon tea at Whitbourne Hall with The Elf for Mother’s Day. It was really “jolly super” and gave us a few hints for when we do afternoon tea here at Beastie Folly, now that we have invested in a teapot and cake stand to go with our posh tea set!

So there you have it life is a wonderful thing and full of exciting things to be discovered such as http://www.bringstyvintageliving.co.uk which we passed on our way home from afternoon tea. 

Take care, love your Mum and smile. X



Life Blog – The Latest CT Scan


Living with the Big C has a lot of honeymoon periods and  lots of knock backs. It is a journey through life and a reflection of life itself. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. Life is births, marriages and death and life on the Big C train journey really is just life itself. However, it must be life on psychedelic drugs because everything is so vivid and real. The daffodils  are more yellow, the love is stronger and more powerful, and the wonder that is life, is all the more palpable precisely because its linear essence is more obviously confronted.

Today my CT scan was a knock back day. The tumours that previously were smashed to a pulp have regrouped, fought back and come back. A one inch tumour in my liver and two tiny dots in my lungs. The chemotherapy regime I was on is no longer working. If Surgery was plan A, and Chemo plan B, my life then is a journey to try and reach Plan Z.

Plan C then will be a change of drugs. This will almost certainly mean a return to the PIC line in my arm as it will be infused over a few hours followed by pump infusion over the next 48 hours. In truth it is more intrusive than the chemotherapy by tablet regime I have been on for the last God knows how long. But if it buys time then let’s do it. I recently watched The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel and the poignant moment for me was when near the end one of the wonderful old dears turned the famous saying, “There’s no time like the present” upside down, and said quietly and with understanding, “There’s no present like time”. It is our greatest gift and we should use our gift well.

So… Well I am not noble, I am not a one for raising millions for cancer research, I give my donations and I try to live with the Big C with cheer, but that’s it, so instead I try to fill every second of my gift of time, with fun and love and laughter and we do this by planning adventures and projects in the future so we do not fear it but embrace the fun it promises.

Project One then is to redecorate our main bedroom. The decorator is stripping the walls as I write and inspired by our trips to Venice in recent years we are doing a watered down interpretation of Venetian Rococo style, you can get the idea from our Pinterest Wall on this here. I have to say I am pleased with the Murano Glass chandelier and this style will better suit our house, which is Victorian but built in a style that is a cross between  the Victorian Gothic Revival style and the Regency style similar to what you see in Cheltenham, Brighton and London. Yep, I am excited to be throwing in a bit of Italian inspiration into this mix.

This will keep us amused while we count down to a holiday in the South of France in May, which will be a balanced mix between sightseeing and relaxation. Last week in August and the first week in September will see us back in the South of France for a few days before we head off for three nights in a castle in Tuscany. From here it is back to, yes you’ve guessed it, Venice for three nights at the Al Ponte Dei Sospiri Hotel. Then back to the Gulf of St Tropez for another few days before home. This Plan C had better work then as I have some fun still left to do.

This afternoon, I am back at the hospital for a consultation where I get my treatment plan confirmed, so I will pop on here later in the week just to re-confirm that. Meanwhile, smile with me and live with me, by spending your time spotting the fun that time can throw at us!

Ady x