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Life Blog – A Happy New Year


Best wishes to all my family and friends for a happy and healthy New Year.

It’s that time when we look back at the year just gone and ahead to the year in front. For us looking back is quite easy, looking ahead though is a harder game to play.

Well looking back, as said, is easy and for us it has been a great year. Every day has its tests when you have the Big C hanging over your head, challenging your resolve and reminding you that nothing is forever, but in truth we have dealt with it really well and this has been due to two main things. First, the support I have had from work has meant that we have had a strong framework of normality to hang our lives on and secondly, we have had a simple plan of always having something to look forward to, so that we never feared the future. Below is the calendar photos for our 2015 calendar. A picture from every month in the year and it was such a great year that many things were missed. This year saw us in the South of France twice for two lovely breaks, in Monaco for the Historical Grand Prix, Brescia for the Mille Miglia and in the Dolomites for an epic car meet with a gang of Opel GT’s from Germany. Le Mans for the 24hour Classic event, Goodwood for the Revival and Paris for the motor show were other motoring events that we enjoyed. Versailles, Venice and Bruges were ticked off too and all together it has made for an epic, fun year. A balloon ride and an early start to watch sunrise on the longest day were two things ticked off the bucket list as well and if all that isn’t enough, I got to do it all with the wonderful Mrs P. Yep looking back it has been a wonderful year.

Looking forward… Well yes I know I am on borrowed time but I have been pretty well through most of 2014 and while I would perhaps be silly to expect it to continue through the whole of 2015, nonetheless we carry on making plans. So we take what we get and we carry on in the same way as we did in 2014. So Valentines in Venice for the Carnevale is our first adventure to look forward to. I have another CT scan at the end of January, which will be worrying but whatever the result, I will be in Venice for Valentines with a pretty girl, so I’m going to spend my time thinking about that!

After that we plan again and so it goes on. Things closer to home too will be important in the coming year, seeing more of family will we hope be a key part of our lives, sharing our time with the ones we love.

Anyway if 2014 wasn’t your best year, look ahead with resolve, don’t drift, make those plans and feel alive. Maybe that is the oddity of the situation I find myself in – I just feel so alive, yes it has been an epic year for fun, but so much fun has come from simpler pleasures – our cats Ola and Alfie, the flowers on our front room window sill, looking up at the Malvern Hills as we head for home and so on.

So again have a Happy New Year and seek out your dreams. Love Beastie and Peanut x