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Life Blog – Lonsurf And My Latest CT Scan


Sunday saw me out playing with Lady P and a load of my MINI mates both old and new. It was a great day out, the sun shone all day, there were some fantastic cars to admire and I even found time to dream about getting a MINI Clubman JCW!

Zip forward to today (Wednesday) and a reality check was due. Today I went for my CT scan results at lunch time. I was worried about them. I was worried so much that I couldn’t go to work in the morning. Anyway a little before 2 we went in to see the consultant. Beastie and Peanut a pair of naughty children up before the headmaster…

Except that this was more serious and sure enough it was. In a nutshell the Lonsurf chemotherapy is not working. All the tumours have grown, so I will not be having anymore of that.

On top of that, the scan revealed a blood clot in my tummy, so now I will have to have an injection in my tummy every morning to thin my blood. It’s not the end of the world but Peanut had a 5 out of 7 hit rate last time she gave me tummy injections! That is 5 were painless and 2 hurt like… well they hurt a lot!

I do like my consultant he is very good at delivering bad news and he really keeps trying on my behalf. So what’s next?

Well he is trying to get me on a trial course at Heartlands in Birmingham. A type of chemotherapy. If that doesn’t work or it takes a while he will put me back on Oxalyplatin, which I had two years ago. It might help for a while.

Not good by any means and certainly another stop further along the railway line but on the plus side, he actually said I will have the blood clot injections for at least six months and when I challenged him on this he gave it considered thought and concluded that I will still be here in six months!

I’ll take that I thought. Six months with Lady P is a lot of fun! Ok I know there will be some tears and sadness but you can do a lot of playing in six months and that is what we will try and do!

If you read my blog and it doesn’t send you to sleep how about you doing a lot of playing with your partner, lover or mates. There is a lot of sadness that comes to us all so best if we all work hard at the fun bits.

Our fun tonight will be snuggling up together to watch Castle on TV then going to bed for another session of reading from the Jack Reacher novel, The Hard Way. I’ll go to work tomorrow, ordinary Ade, the middle aged duffer. But that’s my disguise! Biggles, Reacher, Bond and Elvis are all tucked away inside, buried deep where you can’t see them!


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – Lonsurf And My Latest CT Scan

  1. Why I clicked “Like” I have no idea, but Adrian I truly hope all this works out for you. I know you and I had talked about how we were both getting closer to our parent’s age with all this cancer stuff. Hopefully the injections for 6 months and then the chemo for….a longer time. That is a lot to digest. Love and hugs to you and Lady P. XOXO

  2. Although late in responding, just wanted to let you know I’m pulling for you and Lady P. You’re so wise in your outlook. We all need to be aware, as you wrote: “There is a lot of sadness that comes to us all so best if we all work hard at the fun bits.”

    By the way, congrats on your wonderful new kitchen! A

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