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Life Blog – The Weekend After The Bombshell


So the Big C is back in my liver and it looks like it might be causing mischief somewhere close to one of my kidneys and  now it is a case of dealing with this while we wait for a second scan and learn more on how we are fighting this from here on.

Well, I’ve told my Mum and work, and put the news out on here. Mum is upset but being strong, work is totally supportive, my pals are gutted. Closer to home, if I’m honest, this has knocked us for six. Mrs P’s tummy has just not stopped churning and nor has mine. My brain is playing tricks with me as I try to calm down and get a grip. Every cough, every hiccup, every belch, every ache in my stiff neck, and every time I feel a bit sick in the tum scares me as I think it is a symptom. I’m scared right now and I won’t deny it.

The Elf came down on Thursday to see her Mum which was good as otherwise Peanut would have been home alone all day which would not have been good. For me work has been a Godsend, I work with a great team and there is always so much to do that it gives you little time to think. It helps a lot as a distraction and as a hold on normality.

Peanut had lots of distractions on Thursday too, a Terraclean engine clean up for the Opel GT first thing Thursday, then the arrival of our new fireplace, followed by a hunt on the net for a new turbo for the Clubman. Mrs P did all this before the Elf had even got here to say hello to her. Then she had my dinner on the table for when I got home so that I could dash off to a Beacon Camera Club meet in Worcester centre where we practised doing long exposure shots. Great fun and great as a distraction. Loved the steam coming off the freshly laid tarmac!


Saturday saw more on the distraction front as we went to Newport and ordered a new sofa, chair and footstool for when the decorating (another great distraction) is done in our living room. I am quite pleased as our sofa is made in Wales by Welsh craftsmen using only the finest Welsh dragon bones as a frame for the sofa. We stopped short of having the finest welsh dragon leather stretched over the frame and opted for a rather swish regency style fabric instead. We were both rather pleased with this, so on the way home we called in at a beefeater (not been to one of those for years) for some lunch. Very nice to be fair.

So yes, right now, life is not a picnic and we are not able to view it through rose tinted glasses. However, we can view it through a Fuji 35mm prime lens and we will do our best to ensure that this puts a nice tint on the world. Couple this with some healthy distraction therapy and the smiles will keep on happening at Beastie Folly!

Mrs P though is a champion and with her around I can’t help but smile and laugh. She phoned me from work today for a quick chat and told me how she had felt an odd bulge in one of the legs of her jeans. On investigation, she found one of mys socks in there! Only Mrs P could do that! And why was I so jealous of a sock? She is the girl in my head when I sing along to Tina Turner:

I call you when I need you, my heart’s on fire

You come to me, come to me wild and wired

Mmm, you come to me

Give me everything I need

Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams

Speak a language of love like you know what it means

Mmm, it can’t be wrong

Take my heart and make it strong, baby

You’re simply the best, better than all the rest…