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Life Blog – Another Consultation


After the disappointing news on Tuesday regarding the trial, Peanut put the wheels in motion for me to have a consultation in Worcester. She soon had it organised for  Thursday morning.

With Peanut having a week’s work this week it was decided she would not miss work and so Ivasked my friend Andy to come with me. The appointment was 11.20 but we waited an hour for it. The Doctor was as disappointed as I was but nonetheless less put on a positive face and advised that we return to oxalyplatin, a chemo treatment I had had two years ago. It’s affects had begun to diminish but hopefully after a break it will work again.

Out of the consultation and I had another long queue to give bloods. Then it was back to Andy’s for a much overdue sandwich at 3. 

I went home for a quick sleep before P came home and I updated her on how I’d got in. So far so good and at least there is a plan in place once more.


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4 thoughts on “Life Blog – Another Consultation

  1. Ady, when I read your previous entry I felt that I didn’t know what to say. Now I have just read your latest. The one thing I can say is that you and Lady P know how to keep on keeping on – no matter where the tracks lead. I feel as though anything I could possibly write will sound very trite. I know that I am not alone in being thankful for your courage in sharing parts of your travels with “us”. This week here in the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you and Lady P. With love – BB

    • Thanks BB and we never judge what people write such as if it sounds trite. What we appreciate and thrive on, what’s supports us and helps us, is that you stop by and comment and send kind thoughts our way. It really helps.

  2. I love everything that BB (above) says, and totally concur. I am happy this doctor has a plan, too. Fingers crossed and many hugs!

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