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Life Blog – The Big C False Alarm

Life at Beastie Folly has in truth been rather spiffing of late. It has been a rollercoaster ride of fun and frivolity since last May and my clear scan 6 months after my second liver resection was just a passport to Fun City.

Of course we know that things could change quickly and that every six months there will be another scan and each time there will be worry  but that is the way of things so we just get on with it. This week though the Big C sent us a reminder, a tester if you like, to see what we are made of…

Last week Mrs P had a breast scan on Thursday and on Tuesday of this week she received a letter asking her to go for a second scan to Bromsgrove Hospital on Thursday (yesterday). The letter suggested she bring a relative or friend and said the results would be confirmed on the day.  Such a letter is very scary for any woman and brave Mrs P is no exception. Yes she was sure it would be fine and nothing would be found but… but…

Mrs P is brave make no mistake and bless her when she got the letter, which she received when she was at home alone, she said she was more worried about telling me as she knew I would be upset! Well I was, but I hid it and in the absence of any road traffic cameramen whom I could abuse, I just had a quick internal rant about the injustices in this world etc etc.

Anyway, Thursday morning came quickly enough and the hospital was brilliant. Peanut was seen very quickly, scanned and given the all clear in record time. It was a false alarm caused by her last scan 5 years ago being on film and this scan being digital. Our world was put back together again, and that evening we celebrated with a modest Thai meal in Upton and I reflected upon just how lucky I am to have a Mrs P in my life!

I  apologise for laying it all on a bit but Mrs P is truly special. While P was in being scanned I was in the waiting room, playing with my iPhone and  gradually getting a banging headache,  as I waited for news. As soon as Mrs P got the all clear her first thought was for me and she popped her head around the curtain gave me a big smile and  the thumbs up sign and said it was all ok. Better than christmas I can tell you!

So a calling card from the Big C, but more importantly, a reminder for me about just how lucky I am to have a very precious Lady P sharing her life adventures with me!


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Life Blog – Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our family and friends, we wish you health weath and happiness in the coming year.

A new year is often a time of reflection  for most of us. We look back on the year and decide if it was good or bad, happy or sad and then we turn to the coming year  and make resolutions. We hope your 2012 was good and that you can hold onto your resolutions.

As we look back on 2012 it was a smashing year. Ok so I am fighting the Big C, but hey we are all fighting something or other and to be honest for a year which saw me have my second liver resection operation back in March, it really has been super and we haven’t allowed it to put a halt to the love and the fun in our lives. We have had some wonderful holidays and adventures. Three holidays to the south of France, long breaks in Florence and Edinburgh, trips to Le Mans for the Classic and Paris for the Motor Show, a weekend in London to charge about on the Thames in a DUKW and finally SilverBeast, a shiny new motor to round off the fun. Yep try as I might I just can’t feel sorry for myself just now.

Of course for me the journey through 2012 from the recovery after surgery to the joys at year end were made so much easier by the love shown me by the simply wonderful Mrs P. Her love, her fun, her loyalty, her care – all just brilliant. For 2013 I want to show her love and kindness every day, she deserves nothing less. However, I know my limits, I’m bound to mess up sometimes so I wanted to show her my love more tangibly, so for her birthday on Christmas Day I surprised her with a diamond and sapphire ring. So for me it is a special ring to show her that I know how marvellous she is and how much she means to me.

So on reflection 2012 was a good year.

So what of 2013? Well there is uncertainty of course – there will be another scan in March, the phoney war might become a full blown war. But it might not – we don’t know – so mean time we’ll just get on with it set some goals and tick them off.

First, the effort. The old waist is too big, it will have to shrink, so not a diet but a moderation of portions, a bit more of an active life, running up stairs not walking, climbing the Malverns more often.

Secondly, the aspiration. My dad was a Gentleman and this is the year for stepping up to the mark.

Ermm… ok so this one is hard, but if you don’t have a target, then your aim could go anywhere.

Thirdly, the fun.  Let’s get to the other side of that scan and then let’s retrace the route of the Mille Miglia. It’s the best basis we can think of for a road trip around Italy.

So there you have it, my hopes and dreams laid bare, so make some resolutions and have some dreams of your own and once again have a brilliant 2013! :)

Love Beastie and Peanut xx