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Life Blog – A Test Of Love


I have had my first cycle of the latest regime of chemotheropathy and I have not had any awful reactions to it.

However, I am getting side effects from the cancer which are not nice. The liver is not dealing with my bile properly so I get yellow eyes and my skin has gone yellow and none of this is nice. I also get never ending hiccups which sounds funny but trust me it is really no joke whatsoever.

The upshot is I will be off work until at least the new year and to be frank Ithink that is the right decision though I’ve always felt work was a great positive in live. A framework of normality.

This all makes me irritable and tetchy. Chtissie can’t seem to do a thing right in my eyes! In reality of course she could not try harder to smooth my path. This is the frontier we must fight hardest on. It is where we are strongest. Win this frontier and though the Big C might separate us bodily it will not break our spirit. Chrissie will go on and live a great life invigorated by knowing how much she has been loved. 

I’ll end the sentimentality there, but walk along with us on our trip as we carry on smiling and discovering each other.


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – A Test Of Love

  1. I think you’d have to enter the realm of sainthood, Ady, if you didn’t get tetchy sometimes. I’m sorry about the stopping work, but hope that there will be more worthwhile moments even though it will be a different “normal”. I know you two have many good friends, as well as being best friends to each other…and these next few weeks are going to be busy ones with lots of visits as we approach the holidays. Maybe you can stop in to say hello to your work mates, if you feel like it some time.

    Thank you for keeping up all of us “out here” up-to-date.

    With love,


  2. There is the positive that you don’t look like Homer Simpson!!! Furthermore your situation would make anybody grumpy at times!! However it is wonderful how you can recognise this and Mrs P and yourself do have a wonderful gift each other. Lve to you both xxx

  3. So gladly will I walk with you. Personally, I like the idea of a break off from work. If I could stop working now…..I am so sure I would. Love to you both.

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