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Life Blog – The Latest CT Scan result Is Not Too Shabby

Mr Beastie 54 today

Those of my pals who follow this blog will know that I am now on a one way train journey. A few weeks ago I had another CT scan – they are every three months these days. Well this morning I went to hear how things are going and fortunately things are not too bad at all.

We had spent the long bank holiday weekend entertaining my MUM and that was certainly a huge distraction from worrying about this and we had a nice weekend with a mix of shopping, eating out and TV watching, limited by me being very tired and my walking not being great. The next Chemotherapy and Avastin I get will be my sixth cycle of treatment and it is beginning to tell. My feet are very sore and tender. All the hard skin has completely peeled off leaving very tender pink skin beneath. The only shoes I can walk in are Skechers Go Walk shoes and over the weekend I had to get some new slippers that had a generous amount of padding in them, just for inside the house. My hands too have started to gets very dry, very sore and are starting to crack. The third thing the chemo has caused, due to my immune system going into overdrive, is hay fever. I have never had it before but boy do I have it now and it is simply awful, with my eyes and nose streaming the instant I set foot out of the house, no matter what I take to try and prevent it. If you suffer from hay fever then you have my sympathy.

With all of these symptoms kicking in due to the chemotherapy, my mind was not expecting good news from this scan. On the one hand you know the tiredness, the sore feet, the cracking hands and the hay fever all stem from the chemotherapy but on the other hand you think darker thoughts, especially the feeling so tired bit. So it was with frankly a high degree of trepidation that I went with Mrs. P this morning to hear news of the scan. Actually, I was feeling sick with nerves as the wait dragged on in the waiting room. In truth I was only 15 minutes after my appointment time – 15 lifetimes then! We walked in.

Pleasantries were exchanged, the Doctor asked how I was, looked at my feet and hands and then said, “Well the scan was good actually.” I think I might have been holding my breath until this point. I let out a sigh, breathed deep and immediately became my garulous normal self – “Oh yes it was a superb holiday in May thanks, The Mille Miglia was marvellous, and The Classic GP at Monaco was an aural delight with the thundering noise of the V8 and V12 engines echoing around the harbour…” you get the picture as my pent up tension was released.

We agreed that moving forward, with scan showing all the naughty bits shrinking we should have a four week break from the chemotherapy and Avastin to let my feet and indeed my body as a whole regroup and recharge ready for another battering.. This improves the quality of the life I lead and allows me to tolerate the treatment for longer.

I could see too that Mrs P was all smiles and in truth there is no better sight for me to see – trust me a Peanut smile always makes my life better.

So there you have it, a good scan, a four week reprieve and a happy tear in my eye as I finish writing this. My feet then should be good for walking around the Goodwood Revival in September! Catch you somewhere, sometime soon, you’ll know it’s me I’m the one smiling with the pretty girl on my arm.