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Life Blog – The Palliative Consultant

On Wednesday we met with a palliative consultant at St Richard’s Hospice In Worcester. We were referred there by our GP following Beastie’s sudden jaundice. It was very constructive and prepared us for the fact that the jaundice might mean any more chemo is out of the question, and also to give some thought to whether at this stage chemo is the right thing. The side effects are much harder to deal with when you are quite poorly and the intrusion into your life might be a high price to pay for very little or even no actual benefit. We shall find out Friday when we see the oncologist. It was a positive meeting and we both felt benefit from it. However the bottom line is there is now no more track or stations, we just watch the engine slow to a halt. The goal is to maximise the quantity of quality in the time we have. 

Ps. Please enjoy a gratuitous picture of Beasties Bel Canto aftershave so at least he can smell nice even if he is as yellow as a canary.