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Life Blog – Four Days After

I have been very quiet on the blog for obvious reasons but it has all gone very well. First, I have been quiet because post op my blood pressure has been very low and this has left me very lethargic to say the least. Secondly, I wanted to hear from the surgeon on how it went.

The news from the surgeon is very upbeat and he got it all out with very good margins of safety. He said it was a tricky operation because when my liver regrew from the first opt there were lots of little adhesions where it stuck to my lung. He also said it was a more complete operation this time as he removed more of the centre bits. All I know is that he saw this as a good thing.

Thus far I have had no pain but I am still connected to the epidural so haven’t got out of bed yet. I suspect this is my job for today.



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Life Blog – All Changes Again

If you follow The Life Blog then you know I’m waiting for a second liver resection and that we had two false starts earlier this week. This is me late Wednesday afternoon back home  and atop the Malvern Hills. We had just found out that the operation had been rescheduled for the 11th April, so the best thing was to plan as much fun into our lives as we could while we waited.  The hills are always a joy and an inspiration so it was good to blow a few cobwebs away up there.

Today then was my second day back in work after the false start and I was happily minding my own business getting stuck into the routine of work and convincing myself of the value of my efforts and the indispensibility of my contribution! Don’t forget Elvis and James Bond are trapped inside this body so is it really that hard to add this delusion to the rest of my delusions?! :)  My phone rang, I grabbed it, made like it was a Walther PPK, slid my hand over the screen like I was removing the safety catch, to answer it. “Aha” I said  with the best curl on my Elvis lip that I could muster…

” Mr Ainsworth?” This wasn’t the dentist. “This is The QE Birmingham,we have a cancellation can you come in for seven on Monday?” Elvis and James buggared off and left just me.

“Er Ok”  and that was that, the operation is this Monday now. So third time lucky then. Anyway, I have a good weekend planned to keep me amused. First off  a special meal tonight – a Waitrose dinner for two, slow cooked pork belly, potato rosti and vegetables, all  washed down with saluti vino rossi. Dessert is after dark chocolate and vanilla cheesecake, so if it doesn’t get all smoochy after that then I’m a Chinaman!

Next is a quick trip to the hairdressers on Saturday morning for my highlights to be done, It’s important to make an effort for these sort of things you know, plus I’ve seen some of the Junior Doctors and well… and er… well – they sure are a pretty lot! :) Then off London ways to catch up with my cousin Lorraine and maybe a bit of a shindig Saturday night, followed by a wander round Brooklands on Sunday for the MINI meet that is going down. Yep, no time to be thinking about this operation then – just bring it on!

So have a good weekend this weekend, I’m going to! :)

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Life Blog – The Next Battle Is Delayed

We got up this morning not knowing the exact details of our battle plan in our war against the Big C.  We knew we had a war to fight and we knew we should have started fighting on Monday but after two days of false starts we had retreated from the front line to recharge our batteries. Two days of reporting for duty only to be sent away because the liver resection had been cancelled is mentally a bit tough.

Peanut though managed a big winning smile first thing and matching it to a bit of sunshine streaming through the window put a better complexion on our day as we prepared to wait for news from the front on when the battle would finally restart.

9.30. the phone rang, Peanut answered. “Can I speak to Mr Ainsworth?” Peanut handed me the phone, with a solemn look that said this was the call we had been waiting for.

 “Mr Ainsworth? You have a dental appointment that we need to reschedule, is the 10th of April ok?”

FLIP! Or words to that effect! A false start then and we hung around the phone some more. Finally about 11.30 the phone call came and  the news from General Liver was that I would report for duty on the 11th April. Could our defences hold out that long before we began our offensive? I was assured that they can, so I put my trust in the General – that is his job!

Tomorrow then I dip my feet back into the real world and go back to work until the operation on Wednesday! I ought to spend the next three weeks in a state of angst waiting for the war to come, but I haven’t got time, there’s work to do, there’s weekends to go out playing and there is Easter. Bring it all on and on the 11th I will go to the front fighting!

Smile like a Peanut and you will have a good day! :)

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Life Blog – More Waiting

My liver resection has been cancelled again.

My fight against the Big C is taking a pause. My second liver resection was due yesterday and had to be cancelled due to the operation before me running on. The agony of this delay was my blog for yesterday. I had to report for duty again this morning at the QE hospital at 7 am. I checked in and was kitted in full combat gear ready to fight this buggar with all I’d got but was almost immediately warned that there was a possibility of two liver transplants taking place and that if these took place my operation would be cancelled.  Well quite simply that is what happened.

There was a lady there who was also waiting for a liver operation and she had had her operation cancelled a fortnight ago and rescheduled to today. Her operation was also cancelled and she was very upset about this. I can quite understand her upset as we weren’t over the moon about this ourselves but the bottom line here is that people waiting for liver transplants can’t wait very long, so if both those operations go well then today has been a very good day and my personal frustrations and stress pale into insignificance against the overall picture.

I have to just dig down low in the trenches and wait awhile as the battle unfolds around me. I’ll keep my helmet on and my head well below the top of the trenches. When the order will come for me to report back for duty I do not know, hopefully I will be back for the operation this week or next. Meanwhile both me and Peanut are mentally exhausted by being on full red alert for the last two days, so we are going to use tomorrow to get our breath back, recharge our batteries and generally get our brave faces stitched back on properly. No news tomorrow and I will report back to work Thursday to mark time doing something useful.

This waiting has been very hard on Peanut, my Mum and the rest of my family but as I have said before many times, If there is a hard way of doing something we will find it but importantly we get there in the end! :)

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Life Blog – The Day of Waiting

First – Happy Mother’s Day Mum, hope you have a great day. xxx

 The second liver resection is nearly here now and this time tomorrow I will be en route To The QE in Birmingham to check in at 7am for my Liver operation. I have done what I said I would do and not let it worry me too much but now on the last run in it is starting to fill my head.

 On Friday morning I had my pre op assessment which was all routine stuff, though as usual they struggled to get any blood out of me for the blood samples. The bruises on my arms this time are just epic.


 Friday afternoon was very sobering though. I recently wrote about a friend from the car community who died suddenly as a result of a blood clot, well it was his funeral in the afternoon. We went to pay our respects. It was such a sad, sad thing to happen, words really fail me, I just pray that Nick’s wife to be Helen, drew comfort from her friends who came to show their support, love and respect. Our thoughts go out to Helen. I thought of the poem by Philip Larkin – Church Going.

…marriage, and birth,

And death, and thoughts of these — for whom was built

This special shell? For, though I’ve no idea

What this accoutred frowsty barn is worth,

It pleases me to stand in silence here;A serious house on serious earth it is,

The whole of life was there and at that sad time, in that sad moment I drew some comfort to see the smile of  Don’s new baby Florence.

Full of thought we drove away.

Life is the ultimate rollercoaster and I got home to a parcel and a new watch from Christopher Ward. It came at the right time, just when a change of mood was needed. A lovely watch, an homage to the early Rolex Dive watches  but in truth a lot like an Omega Seamaster. It got me through yesterday a treat though, as I busied myself, reviewing it, photographing it and Videoing it.


Last night I was chatting with Peanut and she was talking of an old Eurovision song contest winner Gigliola Cinquetti  who won in 1964 with Non ho l’età (I’m Not Old Enough). Yep a drop dead gorgeous 16 year old  Italian girl singing about not being old enough… It was always going to win wasn’t it? Eurovision started so well.  This struck a chord with me and I remembered that in 1974 she came second in the contest, to ABBA with Waterloo. Coming second to the beautiful blonde Agnetha Fältskog from Abba, Gigliola’s beauty might have slipped by unnoticed by some, but not by me! Her song Si, was released in England as Go (before you break my heart) and it reached number 8. 14 years old and I bought that single. I loved hearing it again last night.

So dig out an old song today play it, smile with the memory and wish me luck for tomorrow! :)

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Life Blog – The Day of Waiting (Part Two)

Hi All

Just a quick blog with an update. The operation for my liver resection scheduled for today has been cancelled. I now have to report for duty again tomorrow at 7.00 am and have been assured that I am the first to go!

Basically they had a previous cancellation that they squeezed in today before me which unfortunately ran on longer than they anticipated, so they had to cancel my operation. Bearing in mind that I had had no food or drink from Midnight last night, I think I am happier to have the operation tomorrow rather than late today as in truth I was feeling pretty flaky by two thirty when we got told. No-one’s fault, these things happen, but yes being there from 7 in the morning and playing that particular waiting game is a bit hard mentally!

Me and Peanut kind of feel that we usually winout in the end but if there is a hard way of getting there we tend to find it. To explain…

Big C in the bowel – oh Poo! Actually Sir, It’s already jumped to the liver – Bigger Poo!

We can operate on this Sir! Great a result. 10 months later and Poo we need to do the op again!

So a last minute cancellation seems to fit the overall scheme of things.

Conclusion? It is consistent with the bigger plan , therefore it is going to work out fine in the end! :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow, though I know tomorrow is going to be a good day!:)

PS. Got home to find a parcel waiting for me from Peanut’s No1 Son, Dunacn. Some Man Utd Red Devil cufflinks. Fantastic on the back of yesterday’s brilliant 5.0 win over Wolves!

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Life Blog – Beastie The Birthday Boy

Yay today is my birthday – 52 years young. Have to say as a distraction from the big op on Monday it has worked a treat!

First a big thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, cards and pressies, I have done really well and been well spoiled.

On the card front a special mention should be made for Mum in Law Brenda and my Uncle Roy who got me cool cards depicting a Jaguar D Type and a Shelby Cobra. Got the day off to a great start seeing those while enjoying my cornflakes.

 Got some heavyweight pressies too. From my Mum came some shoes but not just any shoes these are shoes made by Sapatoterapia in Brazil. The shoes are all about comfort with both the upper and lining being made with sheep leather specially treated to  achieve complete tenderness. The inner part has Smartec Air technology, resulting in a more natural feet perspiration and the insoles are made of bio-latex massager with permanent memory and the soles are made from rubber abd injected EVA. The result is a lightweight super comfortable shoe that allies style with comfort. Funnily enough I discovered these in the department store Bray’s in Malvern and was frankly gobsmacked with the comfort of them when I tried them on. These will really help post op and for when the next lot of chemotherapy tires me out! Yep these came a bit before my birthday to give me a chance to road test them. They’re good.

The weekend before we visited The Elf and Fandango and while out in Bicester we came across a cheap as chips HP printer. The deal was done they bought it me for my birthday and the Beastie was indeed a happy chappie. Airplay enabled and on the network in seconds and in minutes I could print to it from anywhere in the world, to test this I went to the end of the garden. It worked, I’m impressed. When I’m couped up at home recovering from the liver op over the next few weeks I will get a lot of fun out of this.

Finally Mrs P waded in with a horological treat. Christopher Ward have done a forum limited edition of just 50 watches of their C60 model in blue and she has bagged me one of these which is in the post as we speak. It’s an honest Rolex homage but at a Christopher Ward price and yes I’m excited waiting for it!

Next came dinner tonight. Listening to Radio 2 on my drive home Monday night, they were talking about the pudding club, so as soon as I got home I told Peanut that I want jam roly poly on my birthday. It was yum but it gets better. Before that came lamb shanks in a redcurrant and rosemary sauce and a nice red Bordeaux. It’s been a great birthday. :)

PS Been reading Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. Hope it’s not too obvious.