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Life Blog – The South of France


In truth this has been a very tough week. First there was the fiasco of The PICC Line breaking in my arm and the subsequent operation to remove it. A tad stressful for us both but we got over that. However, on the Friday of our departure for the South of France one of our two beloved cats Alfie, got run over and was killed. To be honest we have not got over it and it has hung like a shadow over our holiday. Then I have been quite poorly on holiday with back and tummy pain so much so that we had to abandon our two day break on the Porquerolles. This morning I had rallied a bit and we just decided to head home. I think we need to see our other cat Ola and I just feel a bit stare dealing with pain at home. So tonight we are holed up in The Beaune Hotel in Beaune, a delightful place we have stopped at several times now. Beaune is a prosperous and picturesque town about halfway between St Tropez and Calais. We will finish our travels tomorrow.

We are both a bit sad as we can both see now that the Big C is getting a hold and I am beginning to fade. Sometimes the smiles are forced and Mrs P just wishes she can fix me. She can’t but she does smooth my path so very much. When the chips are down she finds extra energy like now getting me home and doing nearly all the driving. 

Tomorrow will be poignant. Happy at seeing Ila and sad knowing Alfie is not there.


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5 thoughts on “Life Blog – The South of France

  1. I wish I had words of comfort but I will be thinking of you.

  2. Even though this still is public, I didn’t want to say anything on facebook. I only know you via this blog and facebook as well as being introduced to you occasionally and I obviously I have worked with Chris. I want to say that I hope you think of me as obviously not a close friend but a friendly person ish… And you both inspire me, immensely!! If I can help in anyway please let me know, I am handy at clearing rubbish, weeding, I can paint stuff ish!!! My house is a disaster area apart from the garden but if ever either of you want to have a place which is not the normal with a mad beastie of a dog!! which could help even for a cup of tea, wine please just feel free to come over! And if you need or want anything I will be there for you both and at a push I could attempt housework if you are really desperate…! ( and believe you me you would have to be truly desperate!!!!!!!!) So as usual in my waffling way let me know if I am of use at all and I will be there!!! Take care both Jo xx

    • That is most kind Jo. Yes I do regard you as a pal. I am glad you started your wp blog as I really enjoy it. I think it is very honest. I won’t be shy of asking for help so thanks muchly for that. X

  3. I am so so sorry that Alfie was killed. The death of a beloved pet is heart breaking. It will be good for you both to go home and be there with your other good friend, Ola. Though there is no way I can possibly know what you are going through with The Big C, I do think that dealing with pain has got to be less terrible in the comfort, safety and feelings of love you and Mrs. P have in your own home. Safe home.

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