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Well things have changed a bit since my last blog, where I was due a CT scan and would find the results out on the 21/02. I have had my scan as planned on the 6th February and  on the 10th February my liver Guru rang and brought my liver consultation forward to today. Well you don’t need tio be a genius to work out that that was somewhat ominous, so we spent a week worrying about the consultation today.

Well it is bad news and good news. The bad news is that the Big C has come back again in my liver. The good news is that it is contained and operable so they are going to do my liver resection operation once more! The operation is scheduled for the 19th March. Let us concentrate on the good news bit some more… I am still fixable and the plan is to do just that get me fixed.

These consultants are not ones for giving you false hope but he was genuinely optimistic and upbeat as it looks like one small seed that has sparked off and it has not gone on a rampage in there.

So there you go, Beastie Goes Back to War but with the Generals I have on the front and Major Peanut overseeing the whole show it is a war that I feel well armed to fight!

Love and kisses

Beastie xx


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