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Life Blog – You Wait An Age For A Bus Then Six Come Together


On Monday I went to work but had developed a cold over the weekend and had a very hoarse voice. By the afternoon I was exhausted and my back was aching a tad. 

I had been trying to reduce my morphine dependency from 20ml twice a day to 10ml twice a day. Last night this strategy failed  catastrophically as I was hit suddenly by sharp pain in my back at about ten at night. I hit the oramorph hard taking some every hour and by about 5 in the morning I had beaten the pain. It was a tough seven hours though, being sick and in pain, having hot flushes and my cold worsening. Still by breakfast I was pain free just exhausted.

Earlier on the Thursday The Churchill Hospital in Oxford had rung and following on from s previous conversation organised a pet scan for Wednesday. This was with a view to looking at the plausibility of repeating the CIRT procedure. 

This afternoon we saw the consultant at Worcester who gave me the new Lonsurf chemo tablets which I start on Thursday after the pet scan.  Now one treatment might conflict with the other but we have edged our bets on the CIRT not being viable but for now options remain open.

Overall then I remain pretty well 90/100, but I tire quickly due to the morphine and it is worrying me that I have missed more work than I would wish to. Still it remains all systems go for our holiday in France at the end of the month.

Anyway thanks everyone who stops by, says hello and wishes us well, it is a great tonic to us both and helps reinforce our belief that this is a wonderful world to be a part of. Simple pleasures can so easily be found. For instance, I can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives me donning my new grey trilby in this picture. Similarly, Mrs P has a new perfume Diamonds and Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor – not expensive – but I love catching it’s scent on the breeze as she passes.


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4 thoughts on “Life Blog – You Wait An Age For A Bus Then Six Come Together

  1. You have been having a rough go of things, Adrian, and I am so sorry. Hopefully, things will smooth out for you. At least being pain free–so happy about that!

  2. Glad you were able to get to see the Doctor and are still on with your plans. I know we’ll all be looking forward to your photos! Best to you and Mrs. P! Stay cool – as cool as you look in that dapper hat!

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