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Life Blog – Still Waiting For Treatment


By and large I feel so much better than last week. However, I am still on the morphine slow release medicine and it can be really tiring. I got up today to go to work but was just so exhausted that I had to cry off sick.  I felt something like normal by about three this afternoon.

My treatment has still not turned up and we were getting anxious about this. Peanut chased the consultant’s secretary for it. The upshot is that it has all been approved and applied for but it hasn’t yet turned up from Japan. At least we know it is going ahead so we will stop fretting and wait for it to turn up.

I seem to get anxious about these things when I am off, so my mission for tomorrow is to make it to work and then before you know it, the treatment will have turned up.

That’s it for now and as Biggles might say, “Keep cavey” and you’ll dodge the monsters.


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – Still Waiting For Treatment

  1. Fingers crossed it shows up tomorrow. Waiting is the worst.

  2. So glad you were able to track the treatment down and now can feel more secure as you wait. I must say you’re looking quite dapper in this photo!

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