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Life Blog – CT Scan Update


Today I went to The Churchill Hospital in Oxford for the result of a recent CT scan. I’m feeling well and looking well so I was expecting bad news as that is so often how it goes when dealing with the Big C.

Well cutting to the chase the results were mixed. The tumours in my lungs are responding to the immunotherapy and are shrinking but the ones in my liver have begun to grow again.

I see my consultant back in Worcestershire in two weeks and he will outline my options, but realistically there won’t be many. He might put me back on some chemo, he might offer me some clinical trials in Birmingham but that is about all.

Meanwhile, Oxford will investigate me have the radioactive bead treatment repeated. This is no certainty and will be assessed on my suitability for a second go, in terms of how much radioactivity I have already had, my response to the first treatment, my current well being and so on. If it is possible it will also have to be done privately, as the NHS will not fund it. 

So that is where we are right now. I hoped for better news but for now there are options. It’s a sunny day, as you can see I’m happy in my cousin’s garden and frankly I’m really fancying a pimms, which sadly is not about to appear anytime soon. Yep lacking a pimms is my biggest worry right now.

Take care and hug and kiss a loved one. Or a stranger, or a friend… X


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – CT Scan Update

  1. What is it with the liver? My CT (and PET scan) showed the lesion on my brain had shrunk to near nothing. The rest of the lesions on my various organs had responded very favorably to the immunotherapy, except for the lesion on my liver. I see the doctor about that next month (postponed from next week). And now you have the same thing as me with lesion on your liver. Strange goings on, Adrian. I do hope you have good news to share soon. Love to you.

    • Thanks Lois, I hope that they give me options but there are no guarantees in this game. Blimey Lois I hadn’t understood that you too had lesions in your liver. The liver is a pesky thing.

      • That was my very first surgery last December. The doctor had to remove lesions from the left side of my liver and resection my small intestine. He talked about going back into the right side in April; I hoped not. We have held off for now. The liver is most definitely a pesky thing!

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