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Life Blog – Post Scan Update


We recently returned from a lovely holiday in the South of France. Before we went I had a CT scan and an MRI scan at Churchill hospital in Oxford. Yesterday I had my pretreatment consultation where I would find out the results from the scans.

As it happened I did not get the results yesterday due to some technical glitch. I was promised them today when I came for my treatment. It was understandably an anxious time for us both and finally at a quarter to five the consultant came to see me with the results.

There has been further shrinkage of the tumours in my liver and lungs but a slight increase in the size of my lymph nodes. The conclusion was positive and my current treatment regime will continue until the next scan in three months time.

A fair bit of stress while I waited for news but confirmation that the treatment is helping was good news indeed. 

It clears the deck for us to look forward to our next holiday in France in four weeks time!


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2 thoughts on “Life Blog – Post Scan Update

  1. Great news and happy spring – along with a wonderful next trip!

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