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Life Blog – Nostalgia

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My Mum is with us this weekend and she brought a few old photos with her of her wedding to my Dad. My Dad died when I was 26 but he has been the biggest influence on my life. He is the yardstick I measure myself against. Simply put he was a gentleman. He worked hard, he played fair and he always set a good example.

He died of cancer, the same cancer I have. It tried to strip him of his dignity at the end as this thing does, but it failed and he died a gentleman. 

These photos remind me of the strength and courage that he always showed as he lived his life. He had ambition and with Mum’s help he carved out a great life for us all.

I clean my shoes most days because you should and I think of him. Because of him  I know when I have done good and I know when I have fallen short. I guess I’m just thinking out loud here. I think my Dad would have liked me to be a bit braver when the monkey sat on my lap, but either way he loved me.



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One thought on “Life Blog – Nostalgia

  1. Such wonderful images – how fortunate you are to have your mother there with you looking at these important moments that show so much.

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