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Life Blog – A Happy New Year

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O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!

The Tempest Act V Scene 1.

Miranda was just 14 and had been removed from the world for twelve years  living on an island, when she spoke thus, on seeing people for the first time. Clearly then there is a naivety to these words but they have stuck with me ever since I read The Tempest over 40 years ago. I still look for the wonder that it is to be found in this world of ours, I still savour those moments when I discover such wonder, such beautiful people and if you look, really look, then these people in truth are all around us. With this wonderment I welcome 2016, a brave new year in which I will seek its wonders in equal measure with the way I seek to meet its challenges. So a Very Happy New Year to all our family and friends from myself and Mrs P here at Beastie Folly.

The sun shone early on New Year’s Eve and we explored the Malvern Hills and allowed the sunshine to wash over us. Peanut armed herself literally with rose tinted glasses, ensuring that she will meet the new year and see it in its best possible light.

First Though we have a quick look back. February saw us having fun in Venice for the Carnevale, while May saw us grab a week in the South of France at Port Cogolin. July had us exploring Berlin on a Segway and September saw us enjoy a massive driving holiday taking in the south of France, Tuscany and Venice once again. It was a great year for holidays. August, also saw Peanut retire from work and it was like a huge weight falling off her shoulders. She is loving the life, not having to work and I thrive on the happiness that exudes from her. Meanwhile, my fight with the Big C has got harder and I have had a fair bit of pain since I had some radioactive bead treatment in October. This came to a head with some excruciating back pain on Christmas Day which meant I had to cut short the celebrations with my family in London and come home on Christmas Morn, which is also Peanut’s birthday. However, we have managed since then to control the pain so much better, so I look forward to a return to work early January after the Christmas break. I have started some new drugs to fight the Big C and the primary side effect of these is teenage spots. Well the spots are there in force so methinks this is working. The radioactive treatment and these new drugs have perhaps then bought me some more time to enjoy in 2016. In March I am 56 and will be the same age as my Father was when he died of exactly what I am battling with. November would see me live on this planet for the same time as my Dad. Let’s see then how 2016 pans out.

Looking forward, is challenging, but with Miranda’s eyes the wonder and fun will be found and the holidays and adventures will be snatched with gusto. Time with family and friends will be treasured. I’m fairly at peace with the man I have become. I think my Dad would be proud of me and that is more than good enough for me.

Once again then a very Happy New Year, Love Beastie and P.xxx



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