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Life Blog – Radioactive Treatment Scan Results.


It has been over a month since I last did a Life Blog but the scans have been done since then and yesterday I had a consultation at Worcester to discuss the results. Basically the treatment has done its job and the tumours in my liver have shrunk back. In about a fortnight I restart chemotherapy this time a blocker type which stops the signal that tells the cancer cells to replicate from reaching the cells. This can work well so fingers crossed this will attack the tumours in my lungs. The side effects of this are mainly rashes and spots, so I am looking at this as a great opportunity to rediscover my teenage years.

The last month though has been very tough and I have hardly been to work. Back pain and tummy ache have been awful. I have been given Morphine by my GP which causes constipation so the battle has been to stop the pain while not getting constipation. Pyschologically I think the good news yesterday will help me with this as that has been troubling my mind a lot lately, especially with the pain I have had. I hope to return to work tomorrow, but sadly I have said that a lot lately and not made it.

Peanut as always has been a saint, trying to coax a smile out of the wounded Beastie and having her by my side is just fantastic. I have been in too much pain to concentrate so have watched little television and find reading very hard. Peanut has been reading old Biggles books to me and this really relaxes me and helps shoo the pain away quicker when I take a tablet. Peanut really gets into the characters and I have relished listening to her add character to Biggles, Ginger, Bertie, South American gangsters and evil Nazis. We have both come to regard these reading out loud sessions as something very special, somehow very intimate and it really takes my pain away before i settle for a night’s sleep.

The photo above is oldish now over a month. Peanut had planted the window box and outside pots for the winter season and now with the scan out of the way we dare to plan our next few months. First I need to return to work, feel the benefit that one gets from making a contribution. Catching up with old friends and new will make December busy but fun. Christmas day will be spent with my side of the family and then hopefully Boxing Day will see us grab a week in the South of France before beckoning in a very challenging 2016.

As this Christmas nears most families will know pain and heartache and have their own battles to fight, be they poorly family members, or money worries, or matters of the heart. We as a family know that in truth we are just like any other family with a dollop of pain but also a dollop of fun and joy. Never give up, never stop trying to add a spoonful of happiness to the fun side of the scale and never try to measure it out. Rather with a glass of wine in one hand  and spoon in the other, just ladle in the happiness and sometimes a tear in your eye might mean you miss but don’t worry just keeping on ladling as the bit you spilled will land on someone else’s appreciative lap.

Fingers crossed then it’s back to work for me and then I’ll dive into the world of fun at the weekend and find me an adventure.




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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – Radioactive Treatment Scan Results.

  1. I’m glad to hear from you, Ady. I’ve missed your insights and news. You’re so wise. Your second to last paragraph hits home. We could all take more than a few pages from your’s and Peanut’s outlooks on life. I raise a glass to toast you both!

    From another “appreciative lap” with great thanks,

    ~ BB

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