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Life Blog – Post Radioactive Bead Treatment


I had the radioactive bead treatment 4 weeks ago and all went well. However, a month on and the radioactive beads are starting to do their stuff. This has resulted in a very sore tummy and some sharp twinges in my liver. Painful backache chucked into the equation results in some real bad pain.

We have been back to Oxford for a consultation which went well and next Friday sees us there again for some more scans.

On Wednesday just gone I went for my chemotherapy and it turns out that my platelets were a paltry score of 61 on the doors. This was too low for me to have my chemo, so this was put back to next Wednesday. I then had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work as the pain was just too much.

I’m not going to lie I have felt quite sorry for myself and mentally it has given me a lot to deal with. Today we went shopping in Cheltenam and indeed had a very successful shopping trip with Peanut getting a skirt, a coat and a hat and enough makeup to cover the Forth Bridge twice over. I was not left out bagging a new top and some trousers. I got about an hours grace from pain but struggled a lot around Cheltenham with aches in my tummy, back and liver.

Seeing Peanut in her hat helped a lot in putting a smile on my face. I was done for though by the time I got to our car. 

As it stands now I’m hoping to return to work on Monday but in all honesty this pain will have to ease up. Yes I went round Cheltenham today but it was a battle and we had to cut it short as I just couldn’t face popping into Dunelm to look at bedding and as for road testing the mattresses – forget it – I’m a long way from being up for that.

Ending on a plus… For all these woes, I remain the luckiest man I know. I’m loved and cared for by the inimitable Mrs P. X


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – Post Radioactive Bead Treatment

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been suffering so much pain, my friend. I sure hope you’re reporting this to your medical team and that there’s so relief you can get. What’s the story with medicinal marijuana in the UK? Don’t feel you have to take the time to answer… I believe I didn’t comment earlier when I should have about your lovely mother. Also, if I haven’t said it before – you and Peanut are the happiest couple I know. Thinking of you, Ady.

    • Hi BB thank you for your very kind words. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that comes through on my blogs. You are right we are quite simply a happy couple and we sure aren’t going to let the Big C get in the way of that.

      Mum is a great Mum and I think that this consultation quite shocked her. I feel for her as she has to confront the reality that she might outlive me and that is just not the right order of things!

      I am seeing the medical time more often than I’d like just lately as I am getting treatment at two hospitals. They know the situation. I’m not aware of medical marijuana over here but I will get P to check. Morphine us used but I think I’m away off that just now.

      • You’re a thoughtful person – sometimes wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve is much better than pretending to be “above it all”. Each of us has our own ways of responding – and not one of us can ever know another’s real pain, either physical or psychic. My guess is that your blog gives you solace, and that many who read it (and who may or may not comment) get a tremendous amount by reading your words.

        Do check out the prescribed (or not) marijuana because it is known for being very helpful to many with pain and/or nausea due to things such as cancer.

        Thank you, as always, Ady.

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