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Life Blog – Radioctive Bead Treatment Part Two

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The second half of the treatment came around very quickly. I was back in work for the last three days of last week, Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday of this week. 

Distraction therapy came from having my Mum here from Thursday to Monday and then having catch ups with friends on Monday, Tuesday and Wednsday nights. Very hectic on the social front with little time to think.

On Wednsday afternoon we went to Worcester for chemotherapy as they wanted me attached to the bottle of chemo when I had the procedure done at Oxford. It took ages and we had to put our meet up with our pal Mike back from 7 to 8 as it took so long to get out.

Thursday arrived. I felt much better than the week before with no bowel issues. Also wise from the week before we went our normal route to Oxford. It worked no excessive hold ups and we got there at 9.15. There was no queue for having my bloods done and they got blood at the first attempt. It was a good start.

I grabbed a bacon and cheese puff pastry in the cafe and then checked in on the ward. We went to a day room first and not long after a Doctor came, took us to a quiet room and went through the routine questions. A nurse took my temperature and blood pressure and then the Doctor fitted my cannula at the first attempt.

At about twelve we went to my room. A private room as I would be radioactive later. As I walked in the room it all started to seem serious. It was a bit pokey and a bit dark. Blinds were drawn over two high windows that you could not see out of. The blinds showed pictures of blue skies and fluffy clouds and lifted the oppressive feel of the room. We had a TV and watched a film together. 

Finally at half past four they came for me. A panic ensued as the porters hadn’t been able to find me. I had not had my pre meds and I had no wrist band. The porter said if he doesn’t take me now they will cancel. I was not impressed.

A wristband appeared pre meds appeared and once more the porters whisked me off at F1 speed.

I knew what to expect from the week before. I was not looking forward to the needle but this happened ten minutes before I expected it so it was good. It hurt but not quite a bee sting this time.

I drifted out of sleep over the next few hours and then it was done. The scans would be in the morning.

Next morning I had a good breakfast and then was whisked away for my scans. Both took a good hour and to be honest were hard work. My back aches and it was uncomfortable. However it meant I was discharged and being driven home by 1 pm. We were home before 3.

I felt fine so I started giving orders. I sent P to the car wash with the GP while I fitted some new decals to SilverBeast. Then when she came back I replaced the wheel centre caps on the GP. The car looked good. 

Later on though I felt tired and the next day I didn’t get up till gone twelve. Carl came over to see us and I showed him the GP. He helped me a lot as I pulled myself out of my lethargy when he came. To be honest, up to then I was very tired and a tad melancholy. I think I would have stayed listless all day having Peanut run around after me. I’m glad Carl came because she deserves better than that. Mrs P is simply a marvel, taking me to the hospital, bringing me back, staying with me, laughing with me, making me smile, plotting adventures with me, never taking the foot off the gas.

Peanut has retired now and honestly does not have time for a job. I still work. I love my job, I love the discipline and framework of it in my life but we have lives where Peanut has no time for work and I have no time for the Big C!

Don’t get me wrong, we live with it every day, we fight it every day but it does not consume our lives. I am not Adrian the Cancer Victim, I am Il Maestro The Beastmaster and I ride MINI chariots with my wife Lady Peanut.

Am I mad or are you thinking about the world you live in and who you are?


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