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Life Blog – Radioactive Bead Treatment.

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We got back from a lovely two week holiday in France and Italy on Sunday afternoon and you can up with the holiday diaries of this on our sister site PhotoBeast. Returning home meant returning to reality and Monday morning saw us at Churchill Hospital in Oxford for me to have a CT scan and an MRI scan.

It was a lovely cross country drive there from Malvern across the Cotswolds and we arrived just in time for the first scan appointment at 9.15. I volunteered for some research work that they asked me to participate in which meant the MRI scan that followed took a little longer. It felt like hard work when I’d finished.

An evening of tension followed as I fretted about the scan results, worrying that the treatment would not go ahead.

I was at work on Tuesday till mid afternoon when I went to Eorcester Royal for my bloods to be token and my pre chemo consultation. Oxford had been in touch with Worcester giving the dates so that they could coordinate my chemotherapy to work with the treatment at Oxford. It was such a relief to know the treatment is going ahead.

So right now I’m having some chemotherapy, then on Monday I am back at Oxford for the first stage of my treatment where they close off the blood vessels in my liver bar one to prevent the radioactive beads from escaping when they are put in on the 24th.

So there you have it. All systems go, so I will spend the last week in September being radioactive!

Meantime check me out in my piccie from last night, just before we went to The Swan  in Hanley Swan for dinner. Even I think I look well!


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One thought on “Life Blog – Radioactive Bead Treatment.

  1. You look great, and a smile despite all your challenges! Hope all the hospital appointments go smoothly, even though it must be unpleasant. (we have a fair amount of experience within my close family). With love and best wishes, Mir xx

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