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Life Blog – The Radioactive Bead Consultation


Today has been a big day for us and I’m pleased to say it has gone well.

The day began with a good omen. We both had a sleepless night because one of our cats Ola went missing last night. Even Alfie came with us as we hunted the streets, calling out with his huge cat voice. To no avail and we went to bed missing Ola at our feet.

Then at 6 am she jumped on the bed and all was well. It was a big deal because not only were we heading to Oxford for a big consultation but we were also heading off to France and Italy for our main Summer holiday! 

Also, I had chemotherapy on Wednesday and a pump connected to my arm had to be disconnected. It looked like it was Oxford, back to Worcester and then off to the Tunnel.

Anyway we headed off and arrived flustered ten minutes late for our appointment. Luckily he was running half an hour late so twenty minutes later we were ushered in. He outlined the treatment after some routine health questions and set the wheels in motion.

It goes like this, as soon as I am back from holiday I go for a CT and an MRI scan. Then I go for two procedures both involving an overnight stay. First is like a dummy run for the real deal. A catheter is inserted up my groin and they block off the blood supply from my liver to nearby organs to stop the radioactivity spreading out and insert a low dose to check its ok. Secondly a week later I return and they repeat the procedure this time inserting the radioactive glass beads. At this point I am radioactive and have to take a week off work to avoid contaminating my work mates! This might be no bad thing because it will also make me very tired at this point.

Anyway we are very pleased to be receiving this treatment it might just add an extra train stop on our one way trip.

On a roll of success I asked if anyone there could disconnect my chemotherapy pump to save us returning to Worcester. They happily did it, saved us a four hour round trip so now here I am at the Tunnel Terminal waiting for my train to France and the start of our holidays. 

While writing this, The Churchill Hospital has sent a text to tell me my scans are to be on Monday 7th September the day after we get back from holiday. Wow they are well organised. We are very impressed.

Scary stuff after our holibobs then, but right now, tea in hand we are happy bunnies looking forward to our Italian adventures in Tuscany and Venice!


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2 thoughts on “Life Blog – The Radioactive Bead Consultation

  1. Everything seems to be falling into place – all positive news – and have a great time on this next train stop in France! Can’t wait to see some pictures!

  2. Sounds like quite an ordeal! But I am guessing not the worst you’ve been through. My son had treatments with radioactive chemicals, pretty nasty, but he enjoyed having to carry a special card with the nuclear radiation symbol on it when the hospital finally let him out! I wish you all the very best with your treatment, but firstly… have a really lovely holiday! Mir xx

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