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Life Blog – Another Consultation


Yesterday we went for our pre chemo consultation to check all was good with me to receive the chemotherapy today. It is, so here I am above just before heading for today’s treatment.

Anyway the consultant had the results back from some tests he had requested on the old tumours that had been taken away. The test was for the presence of KRAS mutation. Basically if this form of mutation is not present then there is another form of treatment that can be quite effective. The good news is that it was not present so I will be switched to this new treatment.

However, I am off to Churchill Hospital in Oxford on Friday to see about the glass bead treatment that I have mentioned in previous blogs. Once we know what is happening there, then the new treatment here will start. 

The main side effect will be a rash making me look like a teenager. Past treatments have tried to make me an old bald man. Now I’m to become a spotty teenager! But what the heck they are all good.

Life meanwhile races on, last weekend saw us at Santapod where we caught up with lots of our old pals from the MINI community, Aston and Debs, RVW and Storm in particular. Even last night saw us catching up with more old pals. So as always there is a lot of fun going on. Mrs P has now retired too  and already we are having so much more time together, which is lovely. 

Friday for example is a crazy day. The morning sees us in Oxford for our consultation. Then late afternoon we are in Worcester to have the chemo pump disconnected and straight after that we head to the Tunnel for a fortnight in France and Italy. There is a chance we might have to come back early if the bead treatment needs to begin within our fortnight away. Hey if that’s the case we’ll drive straight back. 

Pop in here have a read, have a dream and live it. In the time we are away, some of those I love are embarking on fresh adventures with new careers, others are getting married and chasing fresh dreams together. Yet others are cherishing the moments as little bundles of baby joy are rapidly changing their lives, giving them fresh focus and new hopes. You know who you are and I hope you all enjoy every second of what life is bringing you.

Meanwhile I’m doing my best on the fun front!


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4 thoughts on “Life Blog – Another Consultation

  1. Good news – and congrats to Peanut on her retirement! One thing is for sure – there is never ever a dull moment in your lives because you clearly know how to go for the gusto! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you re all of your adventures and the treatments, Ady.

  2. Love your attitude Adrian, hope the encouraging news continues, Graham (Andy’s friend)

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