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Last weekend saw us enjoy a long weekend in Berlin with the fun swinging between bobbing about on Segways to enjoying the stimulation gained from visiting the Helmut Newton Foundation Photography Museum and the Bauhaus Museum – you can read about our weekend here. Chrissie was especially happy as she is now a lady of leisure after finishing work on the Wednesday that we left for Berlin.
This week and reality beckoned, with a consultation on Tuesday and my chemotherapy being hastily rearranged for Friday after me messing up the initial booking for it!

I’m having a few issues at the moment, high blood pressure which seems slow to respond to treatment and an aching back which frankly disturbs me. The consultant checked me over concluding he does not think it is Big C related, so I am thinking it is connected with the high blood pressure. I won’t lie though, I’d like it to go way as it hurts!

Anyway on the plus side, I now have an appointment in Oxford for the glass bead radium treatment that I have mentioned so that is good news. The complication is that it is on the 21st August and we head for the South of France and Italy late that evening. If he wants to crack on with treatment then we will have to postpone the holiday, but hey ho it will we feel be worth it.

As we wait for this appointment we keep ourselves busy and this weekend we are looking forward to a MINI event at Cardiff Bay where we are playing out with our MINI Coupe JCW and also the Elf’s Cooper – which was our first ever MINI – so we are looking forward to this weekend. After our (somewhat in the balance) holiday we have The Goodwood Revival to look forward to and so it goes on.

My head remains full of dreams such as owning a generation 1 MINI GP and after my recent visit to the Bauhaus Museum, I have concluded that this is the perfect Bauhaus car where “form follows function” as all its design elements focus on maximising performance and handling – excellence in these two areas being the essential functional aspirations of the GP. If you haven’t a clue what I am talking about relax you are in good company as I hardly ever know what I’m on about myself. However, for further enlightenment read Day Three of our Berlin adventure!

Join me in living life with lots of smiles and always talk interesting twaddle at every opportunity you get!


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