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Life Blog – CT Scan Follow Up Consultation


Mr Beastie

Mr Beastie at Shelsley Walsh

I had a further consultation on Tuesday progressing on the treatment options I have moving forward with my battle against the Big C. To re-cap these were, first he is checking on the previously removed tumours. If they have a certain quality about them, then they have a very effective drug for treatment. Secondly, if this isn’t a goer we revert to the very first chemo I had. Thirdly, there is a glass bullets option. Small glass beads thinner than hair are inserted into the tumours via the groin and slow release radiotherapy into the tumour.

To be honest we are not much further on, which is a tad frustrating. The results are still not back on the cancer marker option, so I have a further consultation next Tuesday to find out more on this. I remain on the current chemo, as he doesn’t want to revert to the first chemo and then change me again the next time if the cancer marker option turns up trumps. Finally, regarding the glass bead option, he has now written to Oxford where the treatment is done to refer me for consideration. He seems to think I will get the treatment provided there is no technical obstacle. By this he means that they check with a scan and dye to ensure they can find a route through the veins to the tumour. Two liver re-sections in the past might make this a tricky process but we don’t know until they check. So that is where I am in my long retreat and it makes me think of the Russian army retreating to Moscow under the might of Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa. Can glass beads do what the Russians did and ultimately push Hitler back from the very edges of Moscow?

Whatever Darling you do witter on. Yesterday, I went for my chemo as usual every two weeks but my blood pressure was high, so to be on the safe side I was also given an ECG which proved fine. In my mind I convinced myself that there is so much luuuurve in my heart bursting to get out that it is causing a small issue! I went to the doctor this morning who rechecked my blood pressure confirmed the luuuuurve theory and  consequently supplemented my tablets to correct the high blood pressure.

I’m peddling water then, aware that I have travelled a few stops along the train line, but the house as always remains a fun house. Amelia the Elf is still with us and still adding to the fun pot and recent trips to Croome Hall, Chateau Impney for hill racing and Shelsley Walsh again for hill racing, have all poured out of the fun pot! Delving back into the pot and we have a garden party don’t you know, this weekend with my cousin Lorraine, down from London to keep the fun going before we head to Berlin the weekend after for a four day break. Right now then the BIG C battles around us not us around it but our pragmatism throughout ensures we do not live in denial and we know how the journey runs.

On to more important matters, my hair is thinning considerably but a further trim is needed to give it a little bounce darlings, so that is my Saturday morning treat before our posh garden party at friends in Worcester. Our love for all things MINI has been rejuvenated by spending shed loads of dosh on minor mods to our Paceman and MINI Coupe JCW, with front LED daytime running lights for both and auxiliary water temp and torque gauges for the Coupe. Driving lights as already on the Paceman, will be added soon to the JCW Coupe as we prepare him for his next European tour in August.

I’m 55 and still love my toys. As an 11 year old boy I used to catch the bus from my village of Penketh into our local town Warrington to go to the Saturday morning Cinema Club where we watched old Flash Gordon episodes. God I felt so grown up. Now with my new  auxiliary dials, I am that boy again. I no longer get in a MINI, I now get in my Flash Gordon space rocket and fly! When I reach work, as I drive up to the main entrance the front of the Paceman or Coupe is reflected back at me and I get a pathetically huge amount of pleasure from seeing the round daylight driving lights reflecting back at me. At night coming home from an evening out the main beam goes on and with the additional driving lights on the Paceman it turns into a scene from ET as the whole world around us lights up.

Only one way to finish this blog for today and that is to share the conclusion that has just occurred to me… Mrs. P clearly has her very own driving lights attached, because whenever I see her she lights up my world. She lights my world bright and strong, she takes the gloom from the edges as we look at the road ahead together. Odd you might think that I count myself as a lucky, lucky man.

Take care till I ramble again. x


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4 thoughts on “Life Blog – CT Scan Follow Up Consultation

  1. Ramble on, my friend – as I know I’m not alone in finding joy, humor and :heartfeltness” in all of your writings, Ady. Love to think of you all having a fine time at that garden party and hope to see photos!

    Keep on, my friend.

  2. Ady, a real pleasure to read even though it makes my eyes leak slightly. As always, you inspire me.

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