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Life Blog – The Latest CT Scan

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I had my latest scan on the 29th and yesterday I saw the consultant for the results.

Well I won’t beat about the bush it wasn’t good. The latest chemo is not stopping the tumour in my liver from growing. It’s now 44mm as against 33mm last time. However, whatever is knocking about in my lungs is being held in check. The consultant asked me lots of questions about how I am coping with the chemotherapy and my energy levels. Well yes I get a runny nose and runny eyes. I get sore feet and hands, I do get tired. But overall I maintain a good quality of life. I still work and still have fun and still look very well. 

He took all this on board and outlined some options. Well… My worry was being written off – you know 8 months on chemo or 6 months without. Phew there were options, so I got my upbeat face on and heard them through. 

First he is checking on the previously removed tumours. If they have a certain quality about them, then they have a very effective drug for treatment. We will know in a fortnight. This is a bit of a long shot to be honest. 

Secondly, if this isn’t a goer we revert to the very first chemo I had. This was all guns blazing and knocks you about but I wasn’t too bad so bring it on. 

Thirdly, there is a glass bullets options. Small glass beads thinner than hair are inserted into the tumours via the groin and slow release radiotherapy into the tumour. This is a one off treatment which can have great results. As with all these things sometimes it’s great sometimes it isn’t. This is done at Oxford. Yep I’m up for this, so he’s going to make enquiries. Because the chemo is holding the lung nonsense this could be good.

Fourthly, it’s clinical trials. Fourthly to me to be frank means we don’t have many stops before we reach the end of the line, so first let’s change the chemo again and let’s look at shiny glass beads full of kick ass radioactive isotope yttrium-90. Yep I can see a good party line there, so I’m really keen on a bit of this!

So that’s where we are. So how do you cope with that hanging over your head? Well quite easily when you are married to a beautiful lady. You have a hug, you grab a kiss, you take a furtive glimpse at one of her lovely smiles and suddenly you are empowered.

Life is to be lived, what we can’t affect we can’t spend time worrying about, so we bring on the fun and it’s a long list. Hot date at the pictures tonight with Mrs P, Chateau Impney hill climb at the weekend, weekend break in Berlin at the end of the month, MINI car meets at Santa Pod, Castle Coombe and Cardiff Bay this Summer and a fortnight in France and Italy in September. And that’s just off the top of my head. We pack the fun in and for a bit of extra fun we have Peanut’s daughter hanging around with us for the Summer!

So make sure you join me in having loads of fun this Summer and if you are at any of the events above come and say Hi – I’m the handsome guy hanging onto the lovely Lady Peanut!


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