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Life Blog – The Hay book Festival


  Wednesday saw me have my fourth cycle of the new chemotherapy. It’s tiring I won’t deny and the side effects are frankly a nuisance. Runny nose, runny eyes, yesterday my feet were so sore I could barely walk, upset tummy and so it goes on. But life rolls on and there is so much fun to be had. 

Sunday came and it was a different day. We were going to the Hay book festival with The Elf (Peanut’s daughter who is staying with us for a few months) and our pals Steve and Helen who I hope would also enjoy the festival. Well luckily my feet were fine again so I was feeling quite chuffed and looking forward to the day. 

The weather could have been better and Peanut’s face below shows she was feeling the cold but nonetheless we got on with it. We had an 11.30 show Marcus Brigstocke and his pals reviewing the morning papers from a distinctly left wing point of view, which proved to be quite amusing. This had given us time for a coffee and a lovely pastry before hand.  

 After this we escaped the festival on the shuttle bus into town where we had lunch in a lovely civilised cage away from the crowds where I had delicious home made potato and leek soup. A mooch around the book shops in town and I found a pen shop that I could have spent the day in. In the end I just bought a refill for my Lamy pen! 

In another shop dedicated to crime and mystery books they had some lovely retro looking new edition hard backs of Agatha Christie books and I regret not treating myself to Destination Unknown. Oh well another time.


Before we went back to the festival we picked up some lovely home made fudge. Yum yum.  

Back at the festival Bear Grylls was doing a book signing so we grabbed a copy of his new thriller Ghostflight and Peanut got him to sign the copy! Nice! 

Then we listened to David Starkey presenting his Magna Carta lecture to accompany his new book and this gave us a right wing counter to the morning’s left wing lecture. A good lecture ended our cold festival on a high.


Tired we all crammed on the back row of the bus back to our car park.

So what was the festival like for me? First it was a fun day spent with great pals and there is nothing to beat days like that. Secondly, I will read Starkey’s book on The Magna Carta. Thirdly, I clicked an author Jenny Lees and will read her Bands of Gold series of books, roughly about a young girl emerging from adolescence. Anyway, I find it hard picking books but these caught my eye so I will let you know what the books are like. Finally, I really fancied the Bear Grylls thriller Ghostflight, so another read to look forward to.

Life Blog then, fighting the Big C but it’s just a blog about living. Like The Landrover guys say, “One life, Live it!”


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2 thoughts on “Life Blog – The Hay book Festival

  1. Just so you know, I remain a tuned in reader though I didn’t comment on your previous update. “One life, live it!” is something we all need to hear, be reminded of and do! Thank you my friend and I love seeing “The Elf” – what a perfect name for Peanut’s daughter who is clearly “a chip off the old block” if I am allowed to say that about two women. 😉 Keep on keeping on in your wonderful style – love that chandelier, too! 🙂

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