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It’s been a funny old bank holiday weekend. Friday night saw us out with friends to see Rich Hall at Malvern Theatre and what a brilliant night that was.


Then on Saturday Peanut had to work a 12 hour shift and boy did that get her down. If I’m at home Peanut wants to be with me. Time is forever but in truth our time together is finite. She finds out of normal hours working so very tough, so fingers crossed she gets to retire come June.

So with Peanut in work I was home alone and bored. Retail therapy in Cheltenham, coffee with friends in Tewkesbury and a test drive in a F56 JCW MINI automatic conspired to either keep me out of or get me into mischief depending on who you talk to. 

Sunday saw us bonding together big time as we shared the joys of assembling and fitting our Murano glass chandelier from Venice. We finally finished this on Monday morning.


We had a fry up brunch and then Lady P got a touch melancholy. The bluebells had been out recently and we both saw them on The Malvern Hills but separately (those weekend hours again getting in our way) and Chris thought  back to last year when we enjoyed them together on Midsummer Hill on The Malverns.

Peanut remembered thinking last year that this might be the last time she got to see the bluebells with me. With that thought in her head she wanted to see them once more with me.


Well like a bad penny I keep rolling on, so although we knew the bluebells were now past their best we headed back to Middummer Hill.

  Well  to be honest it was a slow climb for me, my feet are sore and the chemo means I tire easily. However, at our own slow pace we got up there and were rewarded by beauty. Yes the bluebells were fading, but these are bluebells on The Malverns and it was just beautiful to behold.

We held hands, then for some unknown but perfectly logical reason we hugged a big tree together. We were happy. Will we see the bluebells together next year? I’m not sure, I’m really not – but what matters is today and together we saw the bluebells. And me? Well I saw Mrs P’s pins poking out from under her coat making her the most adorable woodland creature I have ever set eyes on. 

Walk a woodland, hear the sounds of the woods and smell the fragrances and you will know you are alive.



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