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Life Blog – The Saga Of The Murano Glass Chandelier (Part One)

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So we have been busy decorating our bedroom of late, trying to bring a bit of Italian romance into our room. We are big fans of Venice and decided we should have a Murano Glass Chandelier to complete the look and rather than try to fetch one home with us we ordered one to be delivered. What we hadn’t realised is that it would come in 4976 separate pieces and make an IKEA flat pack purchase look like a walk in the park!

Today was the day we began the assembly and we have ground to a halt for the day having completed the central stem assembly. Our problem is getting a tidy fix to the ceiling. So we return to the chandelier field of battle tomorrow to fight again.


Now as this is the life blog let me interrupt the saga to tell you I am on my fourth cycle of the new chemo, my hair is thinning but only slowly, I have a permanent runny nose, runny eyes, a sore mouth, a frequent upset tummy and I tire easily. But to be honest I’m too busy trying to defeat this God Damn chandelier to worry about all that! Below is the final objective – wish us both good luck getting there!



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