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Life Blog – Mother’s Day and The Next Chapter

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Last week we found out that my last scan wasn’t good and I blogged about it that afternoon while waiting for a second appointment to confirm what the new treatment would be.

Well I went in that afternoon with Peanut to find out. First, I get a four week break to let my body recover from the chemo I have been on. That’s the good news. In that time I will have a PIC line fitted in my arm so that I can have chemo once a fortnight through the line, this time trying a different mix of drugs and supplemented by something similar to Avastin.  This time it is very likely that I will lose my hair as well. All in all then the treatment will be more intrusive on my life than it has been. Clearly, I am a station further along the track than I was.

However, we are still firing at the enemy, just shooting with a different gun! Plus, I’ve always wanted a Panama hat and now I think I have a good excuse to get one! In fact, I think a few hats might come my way.

Anyway life at Beastie Folly still rolls on. The decorating of the Beastie Boudoir continues at pace so expect photos in due course, and today we went for afternoon tea at Whitbourne Hall with The Elf for Mother’s Day. It was really “jolly super” and gave us a few hints for when we do afternoon tea here at Beastie Folly, now that we have invested in a teapot and cake stand to go with our posh tea set!

So there you have it life is a wonderful thing and full of exciting things to be discovered such as http://www.bringstyvintageliving.co.uk which we passed on our way home from afternoon tea. 

Take care, love your Mum and smile. X


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One thought on “Life Blog – Mother’s Day and The Next Chapter

  1. Looking forward to seeing photos of your “Beastie Boudoir” 😉 Keep up all that you’re doing my friend. I need to take a page or two from your book of living life to its fullest!

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