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Life Blog – Back on Track With The Chemo

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A few weeks ago my PICC line got infected which resulted in a short but er… entertaining stay in hospital. However, when I then went back a week later to start my treatment again, it turned out that my white cell count was still too high and  so the treatment was postponed for a further week.

Yesterday I had my bloods checked again and the scores were much better including my CEA (Cancer Indicator) score which had gone down even more to a very acceptable 1.7.  This news this morning gave both of us a great lift and it made us realise how the delays in getting back on track with the treatment had been preying on our minds. This afternoon then I went to the hospital to receive my Avastin and the chemotherapy tablets that I am now to take for the next three weeks. All was good and I got the treatment.

However, from leaving work at 1 pm, I still did not get back home until just before 7 this evening. Yes my treatment does involve a lot of waiting around! Without, my PICC line, I have to have a cannula inserted in my hand to receive the Avastin. This has resulted in three war wounds in my hands before  they finally found a vein! Anyway who cares, we are back on track with the treatment and it has all been timed perfectly around our May European driving holiday which we are now both looking forward to immensely.

So that’s it, all is good in our entrenched battle with the Big C, and the next blogs that come your way will all be about our road trip and holiday adventures and shopping in Venice! And too right girlies I am well going to treat Lady P to something nice while on holiday!


Take care x


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One thought on “Life Blog – Back on Track With The Chemo

  1. Ady, I’m just catching up – mea culpa! Boy that stay in the hospital after your horrendous headache! I admire you for both your sense of humor as well as your great writing style! And of course for your lovely collection of watches, cars, “man toys” and for the wonderful Peanut!

    I’m looking forward to traveling “with” you via your photos and writings!

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