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Life Blog – The CT Scan Consultation at The QE


Mr Beastie trying a Renault Twizzy for size!

Last week was a fun week for consultations. First there was the consultation at Worcester with the Oncology consultant on Tuesday, which was long and er… interesting and my ongoing treatment was outlined. Then on Thursday I went up to Birmingham to see the liver consultant at The QE. He was a really lovely chap and basically said there was little point in seeing him any more as surgery was not at this point an option. Fair enough, makes sense. He was a compassionate man. As we left he put his arm around me, gave me a man hug and wished me all the best for the future.

Now I love a man hug, can’t beat ’em. I’m comfortable in my own skin. It is not the sort of thing that would make me rush out and buy a chrysanthemum Yellow TR4. However, a man hug from your liver consultant is in a whole different league. It is black and white, it is clear cut as surely as hearing the football scores being read out on Saturday afternoon. Yep that man hug told us the score all right.

But you move on. You muster. You grab your bird and snatch a hug. You fill your head with whatever it takes to smile. Mrs P got on her mobile and paid the deposit for a new MINI Paceman! Well that did the trick! Specs, colours, mods, how, when why? Yep a new Paceman is certainly something to think about!

And from there our week just went into top gear. I went straight back to work, got on with the job. Peanut went home and started discovering old bits of red vinyl that she could use to mod the interior of the Paceman! I check often, but honestly she ain’t a bloke!

For the weekend her Son Duncan came up from London. We had a great Friday night chewing the fat over dinner and then on Sunday we went to Cheltenham and formally signed for the car. We were pleased very pleased with how that went. To celebrate, or well just for the heck of it, we went for lunch in Cheltenham at the Daffodil. This is an old art deco theatre that has been turned into a restaurant and over lunch on Saturday they had a singer and small band, playing jazz. It was all just ever so Darling and we loved it. A pal from work Steve also joined us for lunch and it really was avery pleasant way to spend a few hours on Saturday afternoon. We will definitely be going there again! And the more the merrier!

Then on Sunday we dragged Duncan with us to Shelsley Walsh for a car club breakfast meet, which you can read about here.

So last week saw us have two consultations, which meant two very sobering reality checks. But the bounce back was swift and Sunday morning meeting so many old pals was just so much fun. Yes this war with the Big C is very strange indeed, there just seems to be so much fun knocking about in our lives and have I told you about me walking behind Mrs P  as we made our way out of the Daffodil restaurant on Saturday? Boy that was some sexy sassy walk the girl did in her pretty red dress!


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2 thoughts on “Life Blog – The CT Scan Consultation at The QE

  1. Love the daffodil in Cheltenham, not been there for yonks! Must get myself a trip up there, and a visit to the motor club who have some great beers on.

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