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Life Blog – Latest CT Scan Consultation

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This morning I had a consultation post my latest CT scan. A restless sleep last night was assured therefore.

Anyway, the upshot is that the 6 chemotherapy sessions that I have just completed have done some good. There is no cure, there is no miracle, but things have either shrunk back or remained stable. After discussing different options the plan going ahead is to continue with the “wonder drug” Avastin on a three weekly cycle and continue to supplement this with more chemotherapy. This time though instead of the two week chemotherapy cycle, it is going to be a slightly different chemotherapy that is taken daily in tablet form. This hopefully will remove the peaks and troughs of tiredness that came with the previous chemotherapy.  Doubtless then this time I will just be shattered all the time but hopefully not as much! To be fair, while I have had a few bad weeks with the last chemo due to picking up some nasty bugs, overall the quality of life has been excellent and in truth we are leading a very enjoyable and busy life. Our first holiday for this year is looming soon and the chemo and Avastin treatment is being timed to work around this, so we are slowly getting excited about our upcoming holiday.

Before that though we have several busy weekends ahead, kicking off with a visit from Peanut’s son Duncan this weekend, followed by some fun in Wales the weekend after with our pals Aston and Debbie, and then followed by an Easter visit from a very old and dear pal of mine Jane. Yep we ain’t resting on our heels that’s for sure!


Oh and aren’t the bright nights so very welcome?


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