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Life Blog – 54 Years Young Today

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Mr Beastie 54 todayGood Morning and hello on my birthday – 54 today. Unfortunately I have had a tough week this week as I got a nasty chest infection giving me a wicked cough. I worked Monday but unfortunately haven’t since. I kept thinking I would be better the next day but it never happened. Yesterday I went to the Doctor’s so now have a 7 day course of antibiotics. I already feel different today, so much stronger, steady on my legs again and much happier in my head.. Only problem is, I am still coughing relentlessly and I need that to stop to get back to the real world. All week though, I just did not have the will power or concentration to do anything.

When you get run down, you get quite emotional and day time TV can be a real heart breaker and a heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. Heartbeat is a sentimental trip down memory lane but this is compounded by the adverts in between. I think  I have now saved every donkey in the world from the cruelty of man. It’s the donkey adverts that get me. But just for good measure I think I have now cured every blind child in Africa too. It’s all very emotional and gets me in tears, but then what upsets me, is a side effect of the chemo, which  is tingling in the fingers and toes but also the eyes. It actually really hurts me to cry. So all this emotional overload is in fact very painful!

Next of course is the Macmillan adverts that appear between the donkey and the blind children adverts. Well thank God for them, I really need a bit of light relief after the emotional heartbreak of the donkeys etc.

The next set of adverts change tack a bit and here it can get both macabre and freaky. Freaky? Well, why am I convinced I need a NONO Pro? Check them out here! Day time TV is powerful I am telling you. Hot on the heels of NO No is Michael Parkinson and his soothing voice selling the Axa Death Benefit plan. This is the macabre bit. I love this ad, it’s a complete rip off you will pay in loads more than pays out unless of course you are dying! Yes baby I got my two years under my belt and I am a guaranteed winner on this one. Don’t you love beating them at their own game. I am going to get another one this month, but I want one where you only have to get twelve months in before it will pay out. These give me immense pleasure. Check out the cons and cons of them here.

So a tough week for me. But today is different. I am stronger, I can concentrate. I can write and of course it is my birthday. Ok the cough is a damned nuisance but just knowing some antibiotics will fix it is a big pick me up too. I have had loads of birthday wishes – so thanks to everyone for those, I had a beautiful card off  Lady Peanut – so I cried and then my stupid eyes hurt –  I had some uber cool Burberry Brogues turn up from the Elf, which were simply awesome and I had some more wicked shoes off my good pal Aston, which kind of make me wish I could go to the pub and drink ten pints. Why? Because these babies are so long that you would just not topple over in them- they might be longer than I am tall! These shoes are not for the Gentleman, but I don’t care, I just want to wear them  with a big overcoat and offer ladies cheap silk stockings to buy – they are spivsville city uber cool shoes. I am obsessed with them. I was wearing them in my dream last night, as I was riding a donkey to rescue a blind African child who had just been given a Parker pen to sign his name on The Axa Death Benefit Plan. I awoke in a sweat but smiling knowing I had wiped the smile of Parky’s face!

Hope your day is as good as mine is going to be and for my pals who got themselves a supercharger yesterday – you is lucky people – drive it like you stole it!


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