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Life Blog – The Fifth Chemo Treatment

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Last Tuesday, I had my fifth chemo treatment, so just one more on the 18th to go. Not too bad this one, the tingling fingers haven’t been much of a problem, just the loss of taste that is a nuisance. Work has been a real buzz and life generally has been rather fun, we seem to be packing a lot of fun in just now.

Last weekend was heaps of fun spending Saturday at the Photography Show in the NEC where we emptied the wallet on more vital Fuji camera kit. You can find out about that here. Then we spent Saturday evening and Sunday with The Elf and Fandango, enjoying their hospitality and great company. They will hate me saying this, but they really are a great pair. This weekend is promising to be good too. Friends for lunch tomorrow and then a car meet in Bristol On Sunday morning. A chance then to play with the cameras. The Weekend after that it is my birthday and a royal visit to boot as we entertain my Mum for the weekend. So it’s all rather jolly fun I have to say.

Back to the boring stuff though and while having this Chemo my CEA count in my blood (which is a cancer indicator of sorts) has steadily come down. Before this kicked off with a vengeance my count was 2, which is within normal parameters even though I had already been diagnosed with the Big C. With this last jump though it kicked off and went to 14. Not good. Since then though it dropped to around 9, then 6 and now 3.9, which again can be considered within normal parameters. So fingers crossed something is working and slowing things down!

Adrian’s CEA scores on the doors.

March 2.00
April 2.00
May 2.00
June 2.00
July 3.00
August 4.00
September 5.00
October 7.00
November 9.00
December 12.00
January 14.20
Feb 9.00
Mar 6.90
Mar 3.90

The next Development is that my scan is on the 19th, the day after my last chemo and indeed, I will still have chemo feeding into me, from the bottle I waera for 48 hours after the chemo day. So things are moving fast, as they assess what is going on. Still the consultant did say they would work any treatment around our May holiday so fingers crossed there!

So, here is the known timetable thus far.

Last Chemo – 18th March

CT scan – 19th March

Oncology Consultation – April Fool’s Day (Gulp)

Liver Consultation – 3rd April.

1st Avastin top up – date TBC

Epic European Car Adventure 9th May (Yay)

And finally, Live your life with smiles, they is good!



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