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Life Blog – The Fourth Chemo Treatment

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Mr Beastie 18/02/2014

Well the Fourth Chemotherapy treatment went well. We had to see the consultant first due to it being put back a week after me getting a nasty dose of D & V last week. However all was well with my blood tests, and no changes were needed to my treatment. The cancer indicators in my blood have fallen nicely, down from a high of 14 to a 6.8, so that is heading the right way. I thought my treatment was 6 of these a 3 month gap, a scan and a review of what next but we learned it wont be like that. Two weeks after my treatment ends they will scan again and will keep me on a low dose course of just the Avastin – which is non toxic and leave the chemo. This also guarantees the continuation of the funding for the Avastin. So hopefully there will be no shocks on the scan that will deflect us from this plan. However, he did say that there are other treatments they can trial if what we are doing now is not quite kicking ass as we hope. Mrs P came away quite optimistic so, if she’s happy, I’m happy. Mind you she is still going to drag me off to London to explore some complimentary treatments. Fine by me, or maybe there is something going on in London she wants to see!

We got out of the consultation at 10 to twelve. Now they could not order the chemo from the pharmacy until they got the go ahead for the consultation. Hey guess what the only part of the hospital that closes for lunch is pharmacy! So at half one I started the treatment. A long day then and we stepped back in to our house armed with fish and chips at 8′ o’clock. Fish, chips, sausage and curry to be precise, with freshly cut and buttered bread. My taste buds are a bit niff due to the chemo, but that lot burst through – bloomin’ lovely. Mind you I suffered some indigestion later! Sometimes though you have to pay the price!

Once again Lady P was by my side as she has been every time I have ever been anywhere for any kind of treatment or consultation. She is just the best and I am also happy to say she is in a better place now than she was a few weeks ago when she was struggling to reconcile herself to the way our fight has gone. I have done empirical testing on this and the gap between her lips and her ears has reduced by 1.3 cm on either side – confirmation then that she is always smiling again. As for me, I am fully recovered from the D & V setback and feeling as good as ever. The surreal position then of constantly looking one of the healthiest  people in any room I enter, never actually having any symptoms from what I am fighting and yet knowing that my train ticket is for a one way trip. and on top of that I have to say we are just having so much fun in our lives, be it simple pleasures like the superb roast beef lunch that P served up on Sunday, or the bigger pleasures, such as our consultant saying he will work my treatment around our proposed holiday – so The FI classic grandprix in Monaco, The Mille Miglia, race in Italy, shopping in venice and charging around the Dolomites in Italy with a dozen crazy Germans in their Opel GTs here we come!

Take care and do at least one of two things Carpe Diem or Carpe Viam! Yes you know it – ours is the latter!


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