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In Silence…

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Sintija was a fighter. A beautiful young woman who faced cancer with amazing strenght and fought with all she had till the very last moment. Being diagnosed half a year ago with terminal small cell ovarian cancer, she was sure there had to be a way to beat the dreadful disease. In her early twenties, with so many dreams and such strong determination to be there to make them happen – giving up wasn’ t even an option. She strongly believed. We all did – with yet another chemo tried, with each new test results. Even through the last 2 weeks when doctors gave up and she was already moved from the hospital to a hospice. Sometimes it is almost impossible to stop believing in miracles and very difficult to face reality. 

Cancer hasn’ t been just term in a dictionary for me for quite some time – I…

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One thought on “In Silence…

  1. Take a few minutes to read this post, then take five to watch the video, it is so poignant and evocative and I have so much empathy with this post.

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