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Life Blog – The Wedding of Matt and Becca



There was a wedding yesterday. It wasn’t just any wedding, it was a damned fine wedding of a couple who met through their love of the MINI car. A couple who we have known throughout their MINI days, who we have watched fall in love, set up home together and now finally, at long, long last, marry. We have had adventures with them in France in our MINIs, and myself and Lady Peanut, have had the honour of chasing Matt from one end of France to the other, he in his Cooper and us in ours. They share memories we will keep forever.  This boy can drive a MINI, that one epic drive showed that but from now he brings those skills, and the prowess, and the passion, and the enthusiam, to his latest adventure, as he embarks on a new chapter  of his life, married to his beautiful wife Becca. We wish them both well.

Yesterday though, it was they who gave us so much as so many of their old friends congregated, to wish them happiness and joy on their wedding day. The day was just electric with fun as old friends came together once more and so clearly rejoiced in renewing old friendships – it made for a simply wonderful day and I just wished we could have a wedding like this on a monthly basis! Just such fun to be at. Enough words though. Here is the wedding as it unfolded in pictures.


For us it began on the Saturday afternoon when old pals Dave and Becky popped around to ours to show us their lovely new baby named – of course – Minnie. Minnie is a stunningly adorable little miracle who quickly stole Mrs P’s heart and it really made our day to see her at last. We could just tell that this weekend was going to be a bit special.


Finally, the big day came and here we see Matthew, just prior to the ceremony beginning, waiting for  Rebecca to arrive. We have all done the “Of course I’m not worried, of course there is no problem” smile that you see above, but yes Matt you really nailed that smile!

The Arrival

Matthew is calmer now, the bride has shown up and even the best man is all smiles now.

The Legal Bit

The formalities get done. Becca frets as the lady boss explains, ” It’s a pen Matthew, just a pen. But you need it to sign your name…” All ends well as Matthew rallies and the deed gets done.


Ah the beautiful Ava, such an adorable angel, but just at the ” If anyone knows why these should not be wed…”. Yes she had so much to say! A lovely moment.


Ava and Chris

Chris the best man with his lovely daughter Ava. He is a proud Dad, a proud husband, and a proud best man and so he should be.


There were lots of MINIs at this wedding and SilverBeast was proud to take his place in the line of honour for this special day.

Newly Weds

Married but work to be done as they went out to inspect the MINI parade.

Job done

Job done and Matthew rehydrates and catches his breath.

The Consummation Lecture

No Matthew the job is not done as Mr Beastie, gives Matthew some tips and guidance on the upcoming and very important Act of Consummation. Matthew adopts his “Well Thanks for the advice but I’ll do it my way Thank you” face.

The Beastie lecture

Becca is pensive but interested as Mr Beastie concludes his Consummation Lecture.  Matthew has the gentle grin of a man who has just discovered what the “giggle band” is.

A Wedding type thingy.

A wedding type thingy. As an aside what a gorgeous meal. Goats cheese, with crisp bacon and sundried tomatoes and a smattering of salad was a wonderful starter and chocolate covered  profiteroles launched into a different league with the addition of some raspberry sauce. Loved it!

Dave and Becky

Dave and Becky

The Best man

The Best Man’s speech. ‘Twas a proper wedding with all the right bits. It was good.

Cutting of The Cake

The cutting of the cake. Not just any cake, a cake topped with a MINI.

The Night Do

A Night do and we wait for the newly wed’s first dance.

First dance

They didn’t disappoint. The first dance and Matthew threw some moves and whispered sweet nothings in Becca’s ear. ‘Can you remember page 57 of Fifty Shades Darling?”

Pig Roast

The evening Pig Roast was delicious.

Entering the Room of Consummation.

Finally, Matt and Becca wave down to us all, just prior to entering The Room of Consummation just behind them. It was a great great day.

The Rogues Gallery

A few random rogues who were spotted on the day.

Likely ladsMr Beastie with Aston

DSCF6297The Best Man with his beautifully elegant wife.


The latest reincarnation of the enigmatic Chris. Crossing paths with Chris and Jax is like  watching Dr Who, tuning in and finding we have a new Dr Who.


Chris’ partner in crime in her latest reincarnation. This MINI community over the last ten years has given us so many wonderful people. These guys are game changers.


Talking of game changers. Here is the smooth Mr RVW,  sophistication personified, but watch how he changes his game – he just could not wait to dress up for the evening do – as a plumber?


Kev And Carol

Celeb spotting, the accomplished Jaffa Racer, AKA KevS with his wonderful trophy wife Carol.

Da Man

Aston and he’s plotting. I know not what but you can tell by his face.


Gail. But we know her as Storm. Quiet discreet, but don’t be fooled. This is the long suffering wife of RVW and she has more medals than she has room for on her chest and she has earned every one of them. If she were Catholic she would be sainted. Admire this lady like those who know do.

Becky and Dave

Partners in crime. Married. Baby daughter Minnie. They are special. Minnie is special. Look at this picture. Look hard. Think special. then you will understand. Special.


Lady Peanut. On my arm all day at this wedding. I don’t need telling I look good. This girl was on my arm. I looked good. I’m a lucky man and yesterday I went to a wonderful wedding, watched a wonderful couple wed and shared the day with a wonderful crowd of people. It was good.


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3 thoughts on “Life Blog – The Wedding of Matt and Becca

  1. Thank you for such kind words. We really enjoyed the day, and were so pleased that we had such good friends with us to enjoy it too.

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