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Yesterday was the last day of work and now it is a ten day Christmas break and I can’t wait. A few parties a few good meals and a lot of relaxing.

The week before though was the works Christmas party and a good time was had by all.  We had our photograph taken with Anne, my boss at Exception  and Gordon, her husband and Exception’s MD. I was rather pleased with this picture because, first, I actually look half decent, secondly Peanut looks adorable but thirdly and most importantly it gives me a chance to say Thank You to these guys.

The last two years have been a battle with the Big C and at times it has been very worrying. It is still a worry and there will always be scans, the Big C never goes away, but like a country it lurks across the border. For now though border controls are tight, so let’s enjoy the moment. Anne and Gordon though have been a massive help to me and Mrs P, supporting me all the way, making it easy for me to have time off when needed and to come back when it was right to do so, and to allow me to ease my way back into the way of things at the right pace. They have created a work environment for me that has really made a difference and made normality get back into my life very quickly. Work has become a very important cornerstone in my life, a big part of the foundation on which normality  has been rebuilt. 2012 has been a smashing year for me and when it has been a year that saw me have my second liver resection that is not how I would have expected me to look back on the year. Anne and Gordon’s support has got me back into work and back to a normal life so much quicker and me and Mrs P are very grateful for that.

This picture gives me a chance to just say that. So thanks Anne and Gordon and everyone at Exception for your support. Now have a great Christmas everyone! :)


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